My Super Spoiled Dog

by Dilip Pasari
(Delhi, India)

Spoiled Dog Slate - Link Below

Spoiled Dog Slate - Link Below

I think my dog is one of the happiest dogs on earth..his schedules are followed more perfectly than a normal human being! He takes his bath regularly and won't take it from anyone else than me. We built a super dog house for him, but he would sleep only on my son's bed, so we gave in and let him have his way.

We have a dog trainer and a pet masseuse visiting him every other week. We are strict vegetarians, but our pet loves eating non-veg food, so we make it a point to order his non-veg meals every weekend. How's that for spoiling!

Altogether, he is the heart of our family and we love pampering him and treating him with the best of pet products and services available in the market.

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