My Spoiled Doggy

by Xio

cute dog in bath poster

Link to this art print below

My doggy Kiki is like my daughter. I give her anything I think that she needs. I love the look in her eyes when I give her a new treat or toy.

We have a couple of matching outfits. My favorite is a red raincoat with matching booties. She looks precious.

Kiki only gets the best. To me. Kiki is not like other dogs. She deserves being spoiled because she is so well behaved. I celebrate Kiki's birthday every month because she loves parties.

The neighbor kids come over and celebrate with us. My husband gets jealous when she sleeps in our bed. Kiki loves sleeping in our bed and I cannot turn her away.

Anything Kiki wants Kiki gets because she is just so special to me.

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