My Malshi Dog 'Babies' Run The House

by Annette Ibbertson
(Muswellbrook, NSW, Australia)

My 3 little Maltese Shih Tzus ARE SO SPOILT they all sleep with Mummy ( that's me). One sleeps underneath the covers behind my knees, one sleeps on my shoulder and the other sleeps in my arms till I fall asleep.

There is always a heater or air conditioner running in my room for their comfort. If there isn't, Molly(the female) whines and stands up under the AC until I turn it on.

If I am going for a drive or walk alone, I must spell the words or else Fizzgig knows and goes off his head if I don't take him with me.

Pancake is the baby and he is absolutely gorgeous - in fact they all are and I love them dearly>

To be candid, I think I need them more than they do me. They are truly my best friends and I would do anything for them.

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May 13, 2010
Maltese Shih Tzu Mix = Very Cute!
by: From The Editors At Dog-Spoiling


It's sounds like your three little Malshis have you wrapped around their paws and we have no doubt that they are thoroughly spoiled. We would love to see some pictures of them.

Mixed breed dogs are very popular these days and the Maltese Shih Tzu mix is no exception. Owners of the Malshi dog breed are quick to lavish praise on this little charmer and you will often hear him described as sweet, adorable and smart.

It's really not so surprising that this mix is a winning combination when you consider that both the Maltese dog and the Shih Tzu are delightful dog breeds in their own right.

When you put the two together it's magic, what more could a pet owner ask for!

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