My Kaylee Is A Spoiled Puppy!

by Lynn

Kaylee is a wonderful Terrier mix dog that I got from the Humane Society. She's five now, and she's been with me since she was about six months old.

My house has a large fenced-in back yard. When I first brought her home she seemed so happy that she had such a big play area.

I could tell that she liked being with me wherever I was, but that she was happiest when we were playing outside.

I had bought her some toys when I knew I was going to get her and I had a couple outside from the beginning. But she started taking her toys from in the house outside with her and leaving them there.

Sometimes if we were playing in the house and I'd ask "Where's your Squeaky?" she'd go to the back door even if Squeaky was inside! The result has been that almost anytime we start playing I wind up going out with her to play, even if I hadn't planned on it. Also, I keep buying her more and more toys for inside, but most of them wind up outside.

I know I spoil her in other ways too, but sometimes I wonder whether me going outside with her all the time is her being spoiled, or if she trained me from the very beginning!


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