My Boxer Dog - Rukus

by Dennis M Kellogg Jr

Rukus 13 years old and going strong

Rukus 13 years old and going strong

Boxers are stocky, medium sized short haired dogs. The coat can range from fawn, brindle, reverse brindle and even all.

Fawn can be solid colors of light tan or yellow, reddish tan, mahogany or stag/deer red and dark honey-blonde.

Brindle is where the dog has stripes over the fawn background, with the reverse brindle being so heavily striped as giving the opposite appearance of brindle.

Boxers were bred in Germany for hunting and would have clipped, triangular ears and a cropped tail to aide in their work. While very muscular, head strong and often intimidating they are more than just great watch dogs.

In addition to their protective nature and being well-mannered with children they make great all around family pets. Their size, strength, temperament and versatility has even made them a great choice for use by the military in times of war for various tasks including messenger animals, guard and attack dogs.

I grew up with Boxers. Our family pet even had her fist litter when I was an infant and was content to let me crawl around her and the puppies.

I have had several of my own now. If you are looking for a companion, family pet or watch dog, you can never go wrong with the Boxer.

Some useful facts:
Size: Medium
Weight: Male 65-75lbs Female: 50-60lbs

Exercise/Physical Activity:
Recommend a large fenced area for roaming and/or regular walks to keep them fit and happy.

Upkeep and maintenance:
Boxers have short, fine coats that require little brushing, but due to size and playful nature regular nail inspection and clipping is needed. To avoid the significant possibility of causing pain or injury when clipping nails, I recommend having this done by Vet or groomer or investing in any of the
new devices
that do not require any actual cutting of the nail.

While Boxers are prone to serious conditions such as Cancer and various Heart Conditions, they are generally very healthy, fit dogs with an average lifespan of 10-12 years. I have a white one now that is going on his 14th year!

Other Factors:
Have great temperament, love kids but still make great, even intimidating watchdogs. They are intelligent, playful, protective and loyal.

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