My Border Collie

by Diane

My Collie

My Collie

I love Border Collies - they are a breed that is full of energy.

Another thing I like about the BC is that they don't bark all that much. They are also are very loyal to their owners.

If you like to live an active life style, this is one dog that will always out walk you and never give up half way through a hike.

Border Collies are not only a great working breed, their intelligence and quickness makes them very successful in the agility ring. Many owners enjoy watching their dogs perform in this exciting dog sport.

If there is a downside to the Border, it is that they have a tendency to nip at the feet of young children - this is really the result of their strong herding instincts.

If your BC is unemployed - that is he is not a working dog - then he needs a lot of walking and other forms of exercise to use up his naturally high energy. This will keep him more contented and calm when he is indoors. Without sufficient exercise, a Border Collie will become restless and bored and may become destructive and very unsettled.

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