My Beagle

by Janice
(Lawrence, KS)

DVD link below

DVD link below

I have had a Beagle for 14 years now. They are very loyal, kind and loving dogs. Beagles do have a tendency to be barkers, but my dog really has never been. He barks but listens to me when I tell him to stop. He is a very smart dog too.

Beagles tend to be easy to train, although they can be stubborn so being consistent is important. Beagles are great with children which makes them a great family dog. They are, as I said, loyal so they make excellent watch dogs as well.

Beagles do shed, but if brushed, it is not severe shedding. They tend to live long lives as well. As I said, my Beagle is 14 going on 15 years old.

Beagles do have the tendency to gain weight so it is important that they get walked daily if possible. The alternative is a yard to run around in. Since they are such friendly dogs, walks are really fun with a Beagle, especially at a park.

I would recommend a Beagle to anyone. They are great family pets and become a part of the family.

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