My Basset Hound / Beagle Mix - AKA the Bagel

by Emily W.
(Los Angeles, CA )

I always wanted a Beagle, always, since I was a little girl. I don't know if it was their downy, floppy ears or their relaxed demeanor, but I always loved Beagles.

When I was in my mid-twenties and finally could afford an apartment with a yard, I decided to start dog shopping at the local Beagle rescues.

I never would have thought that the dog I would fall in love with would be a Beagle mix - I always envisioned myself with a purebred Beagle. But here was this dog, abandoned by his previous owners, approximately two years old.

His friendly Beagle demeanor was offset by his droopy hound dog ears and eyes. It was love at first sight. I named him Bogie, after Humphrey Bogart.

He is more short and squat than a Beagle, and his tummy hangs down to the ground. I call him my Bagle - a mix between Basset Hound and Beagle.

He is great because he gets along with everyone - he is friendly like most Beagles - but he has the loyalty and hunting instincts of a hound dog.

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You even get to love the noise!
by: betsy1

My dog is more Beagle than Basset. He is so funny looking that he is cute. He has basset front legs and beagle back legs. His name is Rocky and we rescued him from the pound.

When he knows I am getting ready for bed he runs in and gets up and puts his head on my pillow and gets all settled, so I have to move him to get into my own bed. He is so laid back the grandkids can sit on him or do almost anything to him and he just lays there.

If only he didn't bark so much. His hearing is great and he barks at every little noise. I am thankful that I have no close by neighbors.

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