Mona Lisa - My Bichon Frise

by Gloria

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Book Link Below

How spoiled is my Bichon Frise Mona Lisa? There are soooooooo many ways that I am just going to list SOME of them as they come to mind:

*When I wash the sheets from our bed every weekend, she won't budge from her resting place (our bed) when we strip the sheets off the bed. I have to pick her up, take off the sheet, and "replace" her. Sometimes she won't even open her eyes as I move her. Ditto for putting the clean sheets back on the bed, or my husband making the bed every morning. We pick her up, fix the sheets and put her back!

*Sometimes I "forget" to cook for my husband, but Mona Lisa gets a fresh chicken and rice dinner every night along with her bottled water. ANY dog food is beneath her.

*Sometimes as I am preparing for work, she follows me to the bathroom as I get ready. For every makeup applied to my face, she has to have the same. When I put my foundation on, she barks and scratches my leg until I put her foundation on. (I fake it, but she doesn't know it). Same for all the rest - my lipstick then it's her turn for her lipstick. My blush, then a bark and a scratch to remind me it's her turn for her blush and so on until our faces are put on.

*We were "kicked out" of the local college obedience school. She refused to even learn the most basic commands. While all the other students were on lesson 12, we still had not mastered lesson 1, which was to sit.

The not-so-easily-amused-by-my-Mona-Lisa instructor, kept telling me I really needed to think about buying a prong collar to get her to obey even though she was the second smallest dog of 20 or so dogs.

No thanks, we chose to "drop out" of college. I even tried to bribe her with her favorite treats (tictacs and cheetos) but she would drop them out of her mouth as if they were the worst tasting things ever. But as soon as class was over, she would sniff out my big bag for her little bag of tictacs and cheetos and gobble them up as if they were caviar and lobster!!

Well, I could go on and on, but I am afraid I would bore you. These are just a few of the things my dogter (daughter) puts me through!!

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