The Spoiled Mixed Breed Puppy

by Annabelle-Louise

I have the most adorable puppy named Minty. I don't know her breed because she is a mix.

Minty gets expensive food that is good for her and she also has vitamin treats.

She actually has her own room! We have three spare rooms and two of them are guest rooms so we decided to give the other one to Minty.

My Mum bought me a phone charm with a real diamond in it but I already had one so I put it around Minty's collar.

She has a part of our third garden too. Just the corner where she can go play with things that we have bought for her.

She loves baths and I usually give her a bow, clip or flower in her hair when we go out for walks. In the evening after she has had a bath I play soft music for her on my laptop or on my piano. If it's from the laptop I snuggle into her and pet her while we listen.

If she doesn't want to sleep in her room she also has a dog bed in my room. But she mostly likes the bed in her room. It is a basket-like bed with a hood, like the top of a pram and a curtain that can be pulled over her, which I added on.
She has three fluffy pink pillows to snuggle into as well.

Minty knows six tricks: stay, sit, lie down, please, roll over and no. To say "please" if she wants a treat, she has to bark and then she gets it.

My Auntie says I spoil the doggy just as much as Mummy spoils me. I don't think I am spoiled and my Minty is very good!

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