Miniature Yorkshire Terrier
A Confident And Sassy Small Dog!

The Miniature Yorkshire Terrier is a beloved toy dog breed with a good deal of intelligence, charisma and terrier spirit. Yorkshire Terriers or Yorkies, as they are fondly known, are intelligent, energetic, charming little dogs with great popularity.

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They are believed to have originated in the Airedale district in the county of Yorkshire, England, from which they take their name. Their development which occurred during the late 19th century was a result of crossing breeds that included the English Black and Tan, the Skye Terrier and the Maltese.

Originally they were used during the industrial revolution to rid the mines and factories in Yorkshire of rats and to this day enjoy being given a job to do! And from these challenging beginnings they still retain a fearless and confident demeanor.

Characteristics of the Yorkshire Terrier

Miniature Yorkshire Terrier

First and foremost Miniature Yorkshire Terriers are companion dogs and are very affectionate and intelligent. They are adaptable and will mirror whatever your family lifestyle is like, be it quiet or more lively.

Toy Yorkshire terriers are very athletic and can easily be trained - especially in agility, obedience and tricks.

Contrary to popular opinion they are not indiscriminate barkers, but are protective and make good watchdogs, seemingly unaware of their small size. They love companionship and are very loving and affectionate in return.

Early socialization is very important as a counter-balance to their intense attachment to family.

Because of this breed's popularity, there is a wide price range in Yorkshire Terrier puppies for sale and anyone seeking a Yorkie is advised to thoroughly check breeder credentials before buying.

miniature Yorkshire Terrier

Physical Appearance and Grooming

Toy Yorkshire Terriers, also referred to as a teacup Yorkie or Miniature Yorkie, are very small dogs, but judging by their personality, they think they are much bigger!

  • Height: 9 inches
  • Weight: 7 pounds or less
  • Color Variations: Blue/tan
  • Origin: England
  • AKC Classification: Toy Group

Miniature Yorkshire Terriers have a long silky long coat that needs regular grooming, although the amount of shedding is very light, as they have no undercoat.

If the Yorkie is not being shown in conformation, a shorter haircut may be a good option for maintenance. Even if the hair on top of the head is kept long, it is usually tied up with a ribbon.

Some people with allergies have found this breed to be more tolerable.

Ears need to be inspected routinely for ear mites and excess dirt which can be an issue because of their upright and open ear configuration. Eyes also need regular attention to cut away excess and ingrowing eyelashes that may scratch the eyeball.

Their small size does make them more sensitive to the cold, giving you the perfect excuse to dress them up in the cutest coats and sweaters or keep them cuddled up in your lap on a chilly day.

A head to toe check of vital signs is also a good habit - you can learn how do that here.

Miniature Yorkshire Terrier Health

While the Yorkshire dog breed does have a projected lifespan of 12-16 years, there are some common health issues to be aware of in this breed that are related to bone, eye, and dental disorders.

The bone related conditions referred to are:

  • Patella Luxation and
  • Legg-Calve-Perthes

both of which can be hereditary or result from a traumatic incident. These problems are usually detected when a pet starts limping and may be helped by surgery. In the case of PL, this issue can lead to arthritis if untreated.

Liver shunt is another congenital disease to be aware of which may affect the breed. If it does, it will normally show up within the first six months of a Yorkshire Terrier's life. This condition allows some of the pet's blood to bypass the liver. As a result the unfiltered blood carries toxins into the bloodstream.

Yorkshire Terriers are also known to have a strong tendency toward tooth problems often caused by misaligned jaws, weaker gums or crowded teeth. All of these issues make a dog's teeth more vulnerable to plaque buildup. Unless very regular tooth brushing is done, peridontal issues are sure to follow. Gum disease in small dogs can lead to diseases of major organs.

Other conditions known to affect this breed are hypoglycemia in puppies and collapsed trachea.

Yorkshire Terrier

How Active is the Yorkie?

Miniature Yorkshire Terriers are generally very energetic and playful indoors, minimizing the need for much additional exercise.

However, a short daily walk for the sake of mental and physical needs, is necessary to keep them in good condition, bearing in mind that a coat is welcomed on cooler days.

Ideal Living Space

Miniature Yorkshire Terriers because of their petite size do not need an abundance of space and are well suited for small condos or apartment living. That being said, it is always useful to have an outdoor area available for necessary breaks and training.

The Yorkshire Terrier With Children?

This breed does best in families with older, gentle children who will respect their small size and not tease them.

Little tots might accidentally fall upon them during playtime with dire consequences. Yorkies can be snappy if mishandled.

As A Companion For Seniors?

The Yorkie is an ideal companion for the senior or less active family.

Exercise and space requirements are very modest, they bond very closely to their owners and are very affectionate little dogs.

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