McNab Border Collie

by Brian Glass
(Carlsbad, CA)



Cooper our McNab Border Collie is a member of our family. Cooper always wants to be involved in whatever we are doing and if he is bored he will just hang out and keep a watchful eye on all of us.

When we are separated throughout the house he will continuously patrol back and forth between all of us as if he is just checking in.

As a full grown male he is 59 pounds and has a very soft, medium length coat. He was very easy to train using a reward based method. He can even close doors on command.

Cooper likes to be kept busy and seems to thrive on performing tasks and tricks. He is a great watchdog who has a big intimidating bark, but is non-aggressive.

He has been wonderful around our toddlers and will simply get up and move if he is getting too much love from the girls. People frequently comment on how happy he is.

If you are considering this breed make sure that you are prepared to commit a lot of time and activity into walking, training, and playing with them as they seem to thrive in this environment.

I have found conflicting information on the background of the McNab Border Collie, but this just makes our dog even more special in our eyes and hearts. In our experience we have found this breed to be extremely obedient, easy to train, and very emotional.

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Our McNab - Bella
by: Larry

I have to completely agree with the authors comments on the McNab. Our Bella is also a fantastic companion.

This is my wife's first, ever dog. She was totally uncomfortable around any dog but Bella has won my wife's total affection.

We got a McNab because they are active dogs but also very affectionate and sensitive. And as was mentioned they just want to be with you. I've taken Bella on several 1,000 mile car trips and she is a perfect traveler.

Another great thing about Bella is that she respects "our stuff". She knows her toys and things we give her that she can tear up, but she has never chewed or damaged anything else.

The only strange thing she does is suck the corners of our pillows. Not chew she just sucks. Yes we let her in our bed and when we go to sleep at night she will lay next to us and falls asleep with the corner of our pillow in her mouth. She sleeps between me and my wife and usually touches both of us while she sleeps.

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