Manchester Terriers
Sporty And Intelligent

Manchester Terriers get their name from the City of Manchester in the north of England, where a breeding center was founded. Development of the breed is not clear-cut, but possibly the result of crossing with the Whippet, Black and Tan Terrier and the Greyhound.

Manchester Terrier dog lying in the grass and yellow flowers

During the 19th century, this breed was known as the most phenomenal rat catcher and still bears the nickname - rat terrier. He was also to be found in rabbit hunting and other field sports.

Today, Manchester Terriers are mainly kept as a family companions.

They are also quite often entered for conformation at dog shows. If trained, they can also do really well in obedience, tracking and agility trials.

Physical Stats And Care

Height: 15-16 inches
Weight: 16-22 lbs.
Color variations: Black with tan markings

There are actually two sizes of the Manchester - standard and toy. Unlike most terriers, its coat is smooth and glossy. Ears may be seen either naturally erect ear, the cropped ear, or the button ear, though only the naturally erect ear is acceptable in the toy.

The MT is an elegant looking dog with a lively and alert expression. The Whippet lines can readily be seen in his structure.

If you like a dog that doesn't needs hours of grooming, this is it.

The Manchester has a smooth sleek coat that has almost no odor and requires a very modest amount of grooming. Usually a monthly groom including ear inspection and nails will suffice.

However, it is a dog that likes to be kept clean. A hound shammy (chamois) or grooming glove are good for daily care.

Manchester Terrier running fast outside

Characteristics of Manchester Terriers

A very intelligent breed that learns quickly and likes to please its master. Training needs to be consistent and firm to overcome their independent nature. Socialization should begin at an early age.

Loyal, protective and affectionate, this dog makes a fine companion and alert watchdog.

Sporty and agile, owners who enjoy running will find the Manchester a capable partner. They also have the potential to make you proud if entered into agility sports or obedience trials.

Manchester Terrier illustration

How Active is the Manchester?

This is a very lively breed that should receive a couple of significant daily walks. If left alone too long or not exercised, he will get into destructive mischief!

Since the Manchester Terriers are very athletic, involvement in agility competition would be an enjoyable form of exercise for them.

Ideal Living Space

Manchester Terriers are not at all fussy about space and will easily adapt to an apartment or house.

If there is an outside area to run, it will be greatly enjoyed by this energetic breed as well as a convenient place to play when walks are not available.

A Good Companion For Children?

Best if introduced and socialized with children from puppy-hood. Little dogs don't like being mishandled and may respond unfavorably.

As always, it is recommended that, no matter what the breed, adult supervision is the best policy whenever pets and children are are interacting.

Senior Or Less Active Households?

The breed's clean habits and minimal care make this terrier a great companion for seniors or more sedentary people.

However daily exercise, ideally in the form of walks, is still needed for the physical and mental stimulation of this lively dog.

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