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A leather dog harness is the most popular of all the dog walking harnesses available. As you might guess, the reason is that they are considered more stable and longer lasting. Other types of harnesses include the gentle leader and the head collar.

Many dogs resort to tugging when you are trying to give them leash training. As a result, this pulling can cause damage to their spine and trachea when they pull too hard on a collar. Breeds with short necks are even more vulnerable to this type of injury. On the other hand, a dog harness, unlike a dog collar, fits around the front legs and low on the torso, taking the pressure off of the neck area.

Owners report they have much more control with a leather dog harness than a regular collar. Yet at the same time, this is a much more gentle way to teach your dog his walking manners.

leather dog harness with nickel hardware

The top quality padded leather dog harness you see left, is just the ticket if you have a super strong dog that likes to take YOU for a walk! It is aptly named "The Boss" and is hand made with high quality very durable leather combined with attractive nickel hardware. Put yourself in control with the Boss.

Not many know it but, a dog harness really helps teach your dog his walking manners, avoiding a tug-of-war every time you go out! Better still, a dog pulling harness, as it is sometimes called, is more comfortable for your dog than a leash during training sessions.

They work well with big strong dogs, as well as the feisty little tuggers, but if a leather dog harness is not your choice, you can certainly choose another fabric or a even a different type of no pull dog harness. We have described some other popular harness below.

easy walk no-pull dog training reflective harness

Another type of no-pull dog harness that is popular, is called the Gentle Leader Easy Walk. It's the one shown above. This harness has a front leash attachment and works by gently tightening and redirecting the pressure when your dog pulls forward. It also has a head collar version for other types of training, such as sit and stay, barking, jumping, etc.

Gentle Head Collar For Training Dogs

Yet one more option, is the Gentle Leader Head Collar, used successfully by many to teach a dog not to pull or act aggressively while on the leash. This collar can also be used for other types of training, in addition to the basic use of a no-pull dog walking. It comes with a full training instructions and even teaches sit and stay in one easy lesson!

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