by Ranbir
(Mumbai, Maharastra, India)

The Best - Labrador

The Best - Labrador

We have a Labrador, black in color, named Ton. It is my most favorite breed.

They look slightly heavy, full and muscular. This is one of the top reasons that influenced my choice.

As a family companion, we have found him to be very lovable and friendly in nature. Also, they are very attentive and watchful. They will bark at strangers whom they haven't had essence of before. Their bark is very loud and clear. Really sounds like a strong fellow.

To ensure they are fit and strong, you need to take them out for some play as well for general exercise. It is recommended to take them for runs or long fast walks, and play ball games - which they love.

As far as grooming, they are usually an average shedding breed. You need to brush them from time to time.

Labradors are very easy and flexible to train. You may even see these kinds of breeds in homes where you will find disabled people, acting as their guide. They are also one of the breeds used by police departments to detect drugs and chemicals.

Labradors have a life span from 9-12 yrs. Depends on how well they are maintained. It’s not a rare breed, but the best that a family can have.

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