Kingston....The Yorkie
Definitely King of our House!

by Tammy
(Central City, KY)

We have a 2-yr-old Yorkie named Kingston. He weighs in at a whopping 2.9 lbs, but you would never know by the way he acts that he isn't the biggest dog in the neighborhood. He demands attention and he always gets it!

Kingston is somewhat of a Harley Rider, we put on his little Harley hat and away we go. He always rides on Dad's shoulders between us so he is sure to see everything that is going on. All the kids in the neighborhood think he is really something the way he just sits up there and loves every minute of it!

A while back I decided to go back to work and worried about Kingston being lonely, so I decided he needed a playmate and I bought another Yorkie - a female. Needless-to-say Kingston doesn't like any attention given to her and turns up his nose at her. He is quite the little snob!

Kingston doesn't allow her to sit on his special sofa that we got him for him and placed in front of our big bay window. He sits there every day watching people and loves warmth of the sunlight.

Kingston is always dressed up for every occasion, football jerseys for the game, preppy shirts for outings, Harley gear for riding, plus his play clothes including his pmp outfits for all the lil girls that are looking. He even wears shades, he is one cool pooch and my baby!

For the doggie that likes to ride in style, here is where to find the hoodie shown above.

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