King Charles Spaniel

by Lottie

I've had many of these little toy sized spaniel dogs over the years. Far from being yappie or spoiled, they make excellent family pets and have big personalities.

The King Charles Spaniel comes in a variety of colours: Ruby, Black & Tan, Tricolour or Bleinheim (white and tan)

Originally bred as companion dogs they love being with people and will happily keep up with the whole family or snooze restfully in front of the fire.

They don't require a lot of exercise, but they are prone to being overweight if not fed properly. My dad refers to my most recent dog as "The Breakfast Spaniel" due to his long ears, noble head and incredibly sad expression as he wistfully lusts over the last piece of toast. A dangerous scavenger, he would have any food not padlocked, including opening cupboards, climbing on top of counters and just blatantly stealing it!

Usually they live for between 10-15 years and will remain very puppy-like until around 5 years old when they seem to grow a few extra brain cells and start figuring out how to manipulate their 'human' pets to full extremes!

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