Greyhound - Belle

by Scott
(Delaware, OH, USA)

My favorite breed is the Greyhound. They are gentle and so loving. They do not smell at all and they rarely to ever bark.

My Greyhound is from one of the many Greyhound rescues that focus on rescuing Greyhounds from the racing arena.

I got Belle when she was already 5 years old. She had never been a racer but was a mother to multiple litters of racing dogs.

I had to train her how to walk up and down stairs, because she had never seen stairs before. Before us, she only lived in a cage.

She is the sweetest dog I have ever owned and I know that I will definitely adopt a rescued Greyhound again in the future.

Belle is 8 years old now, and I know that is old for a Greyhound; however, she is still discovering firsts in her life. Incredibly, she recently learned how to swim!

I would recommend this breed to anyone. She is calm, affectionate, lazy, and just a pleasure to have in my life.

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