Gotta Have A Dog Pillow

by Jennifer C.
(Prospect, Virginia)

We have three dogs. None of them like to sleep on the hard ground. All of them want something soft to lay their head on. Two of them aren't terribly picky about where - arm of the couch, balled up blanket, couch pillow, or whatever.

One in particular, our middle dog, is a bit more finicky. At night, she absolutely requires to have one of our pillows on the bed. You know how most couples have a "my side of the bed"? Well, ours is determined by who gets in the bed first and which side the dog is already on.

Whoever gets in the bed second has to fight with the dog for room in the bed and pillow space. She is a 50 lbs dog who likes to curl up her whole body on the pillow. Unfortunately for me, I'm usually second. On a normal night, I get growled at and barked at when I pester the dog to the point where she will finally move off the bed so I can get in, if I'm lucky.

Some nights, I have to just move her butt around so she is laying long-ways in the bed. I then have to make do with just enough room in the bed, with my knees hanging off the edge and not nearly enough covers.

All this just to get in the bed and go to sleep!

This doesn't cover the middle of the night pillow fights. I couldn't count the number of times that I have woken up around 2:00 a.m. to the dog wrapped completely around my head, nose near my ear snoring, and left with only a small corner of pillow.

How in the world a 50 lbs dog can walk up the bed, move me so that I end up scooched halfway down the bed and only have a small corner of pillow, without waking up me or my husband, I have yet to understand.

The really sad part is that when I wake up to this, it's so pathetic and she looks so comfortable laying there, I don't have the heart to move her.

So I sacrifice my bed space for her comfort. What can I say?? Spoiled rotten to the core.

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Jan 27, 2009
I feel ya...
by: Kitty A Smith

We have four sleeping with us, fortunately they are all under twenty pounds. It is like one of those picture puzzles where you have to slide tiles around to put the picture back together.

If I want to be included in the picture, this is what have to do: Get Katey off of my pillow and plump her's up above mine.

Move Annie to Daddy's side of the bed where she will curl up against his chest.

Shadow is easiest, he is always at the foot of the bed, I just have to adjust him over a few inches, but he will grumble all the way.

Dodge is a dead weight, I can roll him over to make room for myself, but he just rolls back to where he started. So I have to roll him, and hold him while I climb up into the bed. Only then will he stand up. He does a turn and then "whump" he thuds down onto me and slides into his position.

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