Golden Retriever

by Kimberly
(Houston, Tx)

Max the rescued dog swimming with his favorite ball

Max the rescued dog swimming with his favorite ball

From my experience with Golden Retrievers (I have owned two) they are one of the best family dogs available. Although large, they are gentle and good hearted.

Goldens are very even tempered dogs that will easily forgive the tug of a tail, or an ear, for a little bit of love or attention. They usually love the water almost as much as the love to be with their families. They are definitely not a dog that can be left in the backyard because they thrive in loving environments.

Both of my Golden Retrievers were so easy to train. They picked up commands like sit and lay down in just a week and were paper trained in less than a month. Both also, with very little work, became so well behaved and attached to the family that I could walk them without a leash. Although I do not advise this because many Golden Retrievers love to make new friends and can easily get distracted.

As for grooming, they do have long hair and shedding is an issue when their summer and winter coats grow in, but I have never met a Golden that didn't love a good brushing.

One of my GR dogs was a rescue dog who had been abused and he has been a prince in every way. I now plan to get every dog I have from a rescue network.

One thing that is important to note about Goldens is that they are active dogs. They don't mind laying around the house with you, but they definitely love to go out and stretch their legs and get in some running.

This breed is fairly easy to find and will live into their early teens. Both of my Goldens were very happy and healthy until the end of their lives - aside from a few itches from allergies in the spring.

All in all you can't lose with a Golden Retriever. I will never forgot my puppies, they were gorgeous and beautiful dogs and coming home to them was always one of the best parts of my day.

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