German Shepherds Are So
Smart and Loyal

by Barbara

<small>Art Print - Link Below</small>

Art Print - Link Below

My favorite breed of dog is the German Shepherd. It wasn't always. I was brought up to stay away from them cause they could do you harm. I guess if this dog breed is brought up the wrong way, they could injure someone, but Princess (my 12 year old G.S) is my best friend. We got her from an animal shelter at 6 weeks old.

I noticed immediately that house breaking was too easy. It only took 3 times being shown to go outside to the bathroom and we never had any accidents after that.

Princess observes everything and figures out how things work. For instance, door knobs and fence gates: she sat behind me and watched how I would turn the knob or lift the U-Shaped lock from the drive-way gate to open them. For days, I'd watch her practice with her nose how to lift the U-Clip up and open the gate. I'd watch her place her nose at a 7:00 position on the door knobs, which wedged her nose between the door frame and the knob, lifting up until it turned.

The best is that she watches if the neighbor's dog gets out. When this happens, I get grabbed by the seat of the pants and pulled backwards through the length of the house to be shown that her friend got out and I should go get him. She tells me this is Scooby-Doo language.

She also saved me from a skunk like this too. We were camping and I got the backseat grabbed and she pulled me up a hill (backwards). When I turned around, the skunk, that I hadn't seen before, was under my chair eating marshmallows.

If you want a bright, energetic pet, get a German Shepherd.

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