German Shepherd - Jackson

by Adam

German Shepherd Training Book - link below

German Shepherd Training Book - link below

My Shepherd Jackson is around three years old, and he is by far the most fun dog I have ever enjoyed.

Prior to Jackson, my Shep, I had a Rottweiler, and a mutt. While they were were both good dogs, they weren't as much fun.

Shepherds are large dogs and if you like a big dog, they make very good family dogs in my opinion.

Jackson is a very energetic and playful dog, so he needs a lot of exercise. He loves toys whether it's a tennis ball (his favorite), a tug-rope, or a stick.

He even plays with the bushes in the front yard! He walks into them, they poke him, and he whips around to bite the branches, and gets poked by the branches behind him.

Despite that unusual activity, Shepherds are also very intelligent dogs, and are very alert. My German Shepherd is a good watchdog and he was very easy to train, and as I said earlier, he is the best dog I've ever owned.

Healthwise - the only problem I have had is that he seems to be allergic to certain kinds of dog foods.

German Shepherd book shown above
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