English Springer Spaniel
A Warm and Very Sociable Companion!

The English Springer Spaniel is renowned as a hunting dog for his alertness and great concentration. He is considered to be the oldest of the sporting gun dogs, except for the Clumber, and the breed from which all land spaniels trace their roots.

In today's dog shows, Springers are seen in either field trials or conformance.

English Springer Spaniel Dog outside looking up

The Springer a very attractive dog with a body that is compact, symmetrical, and well-balanced. Tails are normally seen docked - shorter for show dogs and longer for field dogs. The eyes are gentle and the expression is charming.

When working in the field this spaniel uses springing action in flushing game from their cover, hence the reference to it in the dog's name.

Famous owners of the breed over time include both Presidents Bush, Bing Crosby and Prince Harry.

English Springer Spaniel Stats And Care

English Springer Spaniel: Comprehensive Guide for owners of the breed

One of the larger spaniels, he stands at a height of 19-20 inches, and a weight ranging between 48-53 lbs.
Color variations: Black/White, Liver/White, or tri-color - with either tan or liver markings.

The coat is long and slightly wavy, but sometimes flat, with a good amount of feathering on the undercarriage, legs and ears. Field bred dogs tend to have shorter and slightly coarser coats.

The Springer needs a lot of coat maintenance to keep it in tip-top condition.

Regular brushing and combing are a must to maintain this beautiful coat and keep it healthy. Longer coats need to be checked frequently for burrs or tangles, especially after field walking.

Shedding occurs year round which emphasizes the need for regular grooming to remove the dead hair and keep it from building up around the house.

The long ears of spaniels make them more prone to ear infection. To protect against this, plan for a weekly cleaning with a good quality ear wash and interior trimming to keep the area around the ear canal free of hair.

Grooming Tools

These are among the best, gentle and effective grooming aids that won't damage your spaniel's coat. Use for routine coat care of your English Springer Spaniel.

Tangles And Mats

wood pin grooming brush for dog
Gentle Pin Brush
detangling spray for dog coat
Leave In
Detangling Spray
grooming buttercomb for dog
Gentle Buttercomb

Living With the Springer

The English Springer Spaniel is cheerful, playful and gentle and shows his happy demeanor by constantly wagging his tail. He is enjoyed by many as a great family dog.

He is a loyal and attentive companion and does a good job as a guard dog.

The Springer is well behaved, quick to learn and adapts easily to either urban or rural settings. He is very much a dog that enjoys the company of people and does best in a home where someone is around all the time and he is not left alone.

Known for his intelligence, he is eager to please and willing to be obedient. This can be an advantage when training your Springer as long as you keep the training sessions short as well as varied and challenging.

Just How Active Is the English Springer Spaniel?

The English Springer Spaniel is a strong and active dog with stamina to spare. He needs plenty of regular exercise to stay fit and mentally contented.

Agility is a good way to channel his energy and is a competitive sporting event in which the breed does well and seems to enjoy. Just be sure to wait until his full bone growth is completed before starting to train. Classes are often available in urban areas.

These spaniels also love the water and games of retrieval.

Ideal Living Space?

The Springer can do well in apartment if sufficiently exercised. A home with a back yard where he can run freely is always the most appreciated and the ideal setting.

Make sure his surroundings are secure with no "escape" hatches!

Without a yard, if there is a fenced dog park in your neck of the woods, that would be another good choice for off-leash exercise.

Is The ESS Good With Children?

The well-socialized English Springer Spaniel has a good reputation with children and is generally thought of as an excellent and fun family companion.

However, he is a strong and energetic spaniel with a working dog heritage that requires training and socialization. With that in mind, the caution remains that an adult should always supervise interaction between pets and children.

A Companion For Seniors?

Not all seniors are sedentary, so it depends! They may be just right for some.

But, in general, the Springer is too energetic for a less active family or elderly owners. Best for families that like to be on the go with their dogs.

Resources: English Springer Spaniel Club

Share Your Knowledge and Pictures

Do you have an English Springer? If you do, then you know a lot about what it's like to live with this renowned spaniel dog breed.

We would love for you to share your dog's pictures and his story as well as your knowledge about the breed in general.

You can upload photos and tell your dog's story here. For inspiration, read some of the stories already submitted by other dog lovers.

Further Reading

english springer spaniel complete guide for parents of the breed

The Complete Guide to English Springer Spaniels

This book provides complete information for new or seasoned pet parents of an English Springer. Guidance includes selection of a puppy, grooming, health matters and diseases that may affect the Springer, nutrition, best way to train, and general care from young to senior.

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