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When it comes to dog collars and leashes, you can either go out and buy the first product that strikes your fancy, or you can put a bit of thought into the purchase, before you buy.

I'm the first to admit that the easy approach is appealing, especially when there are so many varieties to choose from. But, we're talking about Rover here, your best buddy and pal! He deserves a little more care when it comes to his needs, don't you think?

Not only that, but you will see that there are many unique dog collars as well as leashes that are designed for different purposes. Many owners find dog training leashes are necessary in addition to regular everyday leashes.

So if you're up for a little bit of effort, I'll try to help you out with a few pointers. Included in the listings will be a range of collars and leashes even though you may never need to consider some of them for your pet.

Ready? O.K., let's go.

picture of dog wearing a Sporn Pet Halter

Dog Collars And Leashes - Style

Aside from the type and style of dog collars and leashes you decide is best for your dog, the next important part is to get the right size and strength. This goes for harnesses also.


Collars are best selected based on the size of a dog - obviously big monster collars would look silly on a little cockapoo. Likewise it would be hard to handle a big strong dog on a flimsy collar.


When measuring for a dog collar, think safety and comfort. Here's a guideline for a fitting that is comfortable for your dog, but not loose to the point where he can give you the slip. After attaching his collar, there should be a two-finger width of wiggle room between his neck and the collar. This should also prevent any problems with chafing or hair loss.

Having that important step covered, let's get right down to...

handmade dog leash in rustic mayan style Full Grain Leather dog collar in rustic Mayan style

Fashion Or Function?

Fashionable or functional - who says you can't have both?

Actually, if you have to opt for one over the other, you as a "bonafide dog spoiler" would definitely choose the one that best fits your dog's needs without regard to Gucci, Coach, Burberry or Bling - right! On the other hand, sometimes you can have it both ways.

But, fashion aside, here's how it briefly breaks down into types - we will cover more details on separate pages of the website, so just look for the links to find those covered so far. The listings that follow are informational only and not endorsements of one product over another.

  • Buckle collars with or without quick release buckle. This is your basic collar - the type for everyday use and for attaching your dog's identification tags or medical information.
  • Nylon Collars - Very long wearing and waterproof - available in a vaiety of colors and for all size dogs.
  • Glow in the dark collars for nightime walks, but also a safety measure if your dog sleeps in your bedroom to prevent anyone tripping over him and causing injury to both parties!
  • Flashing collars - another safety type collar for night visibility.

  • Dog Training Leashes and Collars - such as:
    Gentle Leader Dog collar, or the Weiss Walkie Dog Training Leash

two dog no tangle leash, by Sporn

Dog Harnesses and Head Collars

In addition to the wide variety of unique dog collars and leashes, another useful option for some dog owners are harnesses. These are designed to take pressure off the neck area to prevent choking when a dog tries to pull too vigorously while on a walk. These are especially good for little tuggers.

The idea is to give the handler more control on a walk while gently getting the dog to cooperate. Head collars are more geared toward basic training commands such as sit, stay etc., in addition to leash training. Among the varieties available are:

Other Everyday Dog Leashes And Collars

The main thing here is to choose one that matches the strength of your dog. The more image-files/jewelry-for-dogs-tmb-2.jpg durable ones come in hemp, nylon and leather.

Other types of leashes include the retractable types which let you control how much leash you let out, ostensibly giving your dog more or less freedom to roam on his walks.

Cotton dog collars and leashes - I personally like the 100% ones made in America. They are economical, washable, eco-friendly and come in naturally dyed colors.

And finally, tie outs. I'm not really in favor of these, with the possible exception of using them for travel purposes.

The Doggies Want Your WOOF!

Solo Build It!

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