Dog Spoiled Rotten!

by Michael
(Huntington , N.Y. USA)

I have to say that I think my dog takes the cake for the most spoiled dog around and you can blame me and my wife for doing it.

I have a miniature Doberman and his name is Rambo. We have spoiled him since we got him.

He goes out for rides in the car with us and he has his own car seat.

When he is at home with us he has his own bed that he sleeps in.

When he wants to eat or drink something we have automatic feeders.

If he wants to go outside he has his own door for exiting the house. If it is cold outside he has his own sweater and boots.

I know we are crazy but this is all true!

Rambo is like a child to us and he needs the love just as much any any living thing and we love him!

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