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Dog Massage -
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A dog massage not only feels good to Rover, but it's also an easy way for owners to tune-in on his health. Daily or weekly hands on contact familiarizes an owner with their dog's overall physique so that any changes will be quickly noticed and can be evaluated.

Massage is not only a healthy treat, it is a relaxing experience for your dog and also a great way to develop a strong bond between you and your pet. As your dog ages and develops some health concerns such as arthritis, learning how to massage him or her will be a very beneficial way to provide relief. It is also an activity that both of you can enjoy.

Below we are featuring some informative books that will provide the dog massage techniques and help you learn how to perform this healthful treatment for your pet. Just click on the links to learn more.

Canine Massage: A Complete Reference Manual

dog massage book
A detailed guide with clear and complete information including illustrations. The author, Jean-Pierre Hourdebaigt, is a licensed massage therapist and considered an expert in the field. In addition to learning the massage movements to help your dog relax, basic dog anatomy is covered as well as routines for health problems.

dog massage video
Or if you are more comfortable with visual guides, here is a 90-minute Video demonstration by the same author above. (Hourdebaigt).

Dog Massage: A Whiskers-to-Tail Guide to Your Dog's Ultimate Petting Experience

dog massage book

The author, MaryJean Ballner, is a licensed massage therapist who says that the results from dog massage can be amazing. This well-explained guide book describes in good detail all the "pawticulars" of a pet massage. Among the more than 50 dog massage techniques described, are some interesting titles: Shoulder Strumming; Base Fiddling; Dog Sandwich and Belly browsing to name a few.

Healing Touch For Dogs

dog massage instruction book
Healing Touch For Dogs readers have found this step-by-step dog massage guide, easy to understand and follow. The author, a noted veterinarian and animal psychologist, describes with photos and illustrations how to develop a helpful massage routine as well as how to recognize dog illnesses.

Audio And Video Guides

Bodywork For Dogs: Connecting Through Massage, Acupressure And Intuitive Touch DVD

dog massage - bodywork for dogs dvd

Professionals and lay people alike have praised this video as a most impressive, informative and beautifully presented production. Not only does it provide relaxing bodywork routines for your dog, but also has helpful techniques for health concerns such as arthritis.

The Pet Owners' Massage Guide for Dogs and Cats

dog massage guide massage guide for dogs
Massage techniques you can use knowing that your dog or cat can benefit by deepening their relaxation, preserving health, preventing injury and by giving your pet the bonding experience through the gift of your loving touch of massage.

PetMassage for Older Dogs DVD

pet massage dvd guide for older dogs massage for older dogs dvd

Your dog will no doubt need special bodywork treatment during his older years. Here is a canine massage video to teach you the techniques especially well-suited to the senior dog. Your pet will thank you making his retirement life more comfortable!

Pet Massage Business

Creating And Marketing Your Animal Massage Business

dog massage - marketing pet business guide dog massage - marketing pet business guide
For those of you who might be interested in starting a pet massage business, here is a book that may help you do just that. Includes both useful marketing advice as well as a discussion of concepts in the field of pet massage.

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