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Life Jackets For Dogs
To Keep Your Pet Safe Around Water

life jackets for dogs dog wearing dog life jacket Life jackets for dogs are an absolute necessity if you and your dogs enjoy activities that include boating or water sports. And for that matter, if you just happen to live near water canals, lakes, reservoirs, rivers or streams!

Even though dogs know how to swim and many love to swim, they will get tired if they are in the water for very long or find themselves trying to swim in a strong current or undertow.

Your dogs may be natural water hounds and love doing their retriever thing from the lake shore, but there is a reason they make life jackets for dogs and that is to guard against the unforseen random events that can occur even with the best dog swimmers.

You've no doubt heard the saying - if anything can go wrong, it will! So bear in mind, the majority of accidents usually happen when we're least expecting them.

Life Jackets For Dogs - Some Factors To Consider:

  • Not all dogs are comfortable around water and may really panic if they fall in.
  • Senior dogs and those with handicaps would be especially vunerable without a dog life preserver.
  • Small dogs may not have much natural floatation or stamina.
  • Dogs often jump in the water without warning if they spot something interesting.
  • You can't watch your dog every minute on a boat and even the best dog sailor could fall overboard.
  • Boat docks can be busy and hazardous places.
  • Boat decks can be very slippery and sudden swells can make everyone lose their footing.

Safety Tips - Benefits of A Life Jackets For Dogs:

It's not uncommon for dogs to go along on boating trips during family vacations to wilderness areas. We love to take our dogs on adventures and have them share in the fun. We just have to remember that safety comes first when we are in unknown waters.

So if Rover is joining the party, he has to have a life jacket for dogs along with everyone else. Having got that out of the way and before you board the boat, check its weight limitations so that you don't overload it. If you are in an area where the water is cold, wear clothing to protect against hypothermia as an extra safety measure.

In the event of an accident, you will be more able to help others if you are not getting overly cold yourself. And a life jacket for dogs provides some insulation for your dog so that he doesn't use all of his energy to stay warm in the water.

Another important tip is not to tether your dog inside the boat. If your boat should capsize, Rover's chances of survival would be very slim tied to an overturned boat.

Camping trips to idyllic settings beside a shallow stream may seem like a safe place to let your dog have a paddle. But you could be fooled. Even innocent looking waters can have patches of dangerous undertow and a dog with a wet coat will have little buoyancy to fight a strong current. A dog life jacket in this situation would for sure be his best lifeline.

If you like the more rugged sports of rafting or canoeing that often take you into rough waters and you want to take Rover along, please do it
s l o w l y. Even if your dog has lots of stamina for land based fun, water sports are an altogether different matter. So you'll want to ease into these trips until you get to know his limitations.

Being that river rides are so much more challenging, there is no way Rover can go along without a dog life jacket. It's just not an option. You can't afford the risk of being distracted when you're dealing with the ever changing conditions and hazards on a river. Even the most experienced navigator can have an upset - nuff said.

Life Jackets For Dogs - Choosing One For Your Dog

Here are some of the features you should look for in a good quality dog life jacket:

  • Provides excellent buoyancy
  • Highly durable yet comfortable materials
  • Adjustable straps so that jacket can fit snugly
  • Handles on the back to assist in rescue
  • Provides warmth
  • High visibility neon colors
  • Easy to put on your dog
  • Easy laundering
  • Allows your dog to move freely in the water

Did you notice the handsome dog at the top of this page? Here is where you can get a dog life jacket, life jackets for dogs just like the one he is wearing.

Next time you go to the waterfront for some fun, you'll be glad you planned for Rover's safety too.

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