Choosing Cool Dog Names
For Your Boy Dog

If you're looking for cool dog names for your new boy dog or puppy, last year's top 100 list is not the way to go. Those are just too trendy, here today, gone tomorrow!

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And, while there are literally hundreds of other boy dog names to choose from, this will only make selecting one a daunting task - not what you want, right!

We're here to make your dog naming easier.

If you already picked your dog and have just brought him home, you're probably all nestled on the couch right now staring into his trusting eyes, all mushy and teary, because he's just the family dog you've been hoping for!

He may be clumsy and awkward, furry and squeaky, and totally helpless, but he's all yours and he needs a name!

And of course while you're thinking about this, your kids are trying to outdo each other in coming up with cool dog names for the new male in the house.

At this point you're confused because on the one hand, yes, Benji, Lucky and Marley are all great names, but deep inside you already know that your pooch is not quite Hollywood material and so you have to start being creative.

And that's when you realize that you don't have a single clue what to name your new woofer and that choosing a name for him is more difficult than you had anticipated.

But you're still kinda hoping to come across some unique dog names. The only thing you know for sure is that you don't want to call him "hey you", or "little guy", "tiger".

  • A cat he is not and he might take offense at being linked to the much despised felines when he learns to chase after them like most of other dogs do.
  • As for little guy- more often than not, the little guy grows up to be a big guy. Most dogs grow to be big and some dogs are big even when they're pups. And then they get bigger. But the name stays with them so you might as well choose one that fits - so to speak.
  • As for hey you - that's the guy whose name you can't remember at your high school reunion. It's definitely not in the category of "cool dog names"!

Dog and woman sitting back view

Choosing a name to be proud of is the most important gift you can give your dog. That is, aside from shelter, food, a warm blanket, a chewy toy and lots and lots of LOVE!

So, What Are The Coolest Dog Names?

  • Something that is unusual without being cheesy.
  • Something catchy, easy to remember and fun to sound out, but something that's stylish as well.
  • A name he won't have to be ashamed of in front of other pups at the dog park.
  • One that you won't have trouble selling to your friends and family.
  • Something that rings true today and will ring just as true tomorrow, or two years down the road.

Think about it, would you want your Great Dane to run happily to you, all legs and tail, across the grass of Central Park when you call out "Twinkie"?   "T-Bone"? - maybe; "Terminator", even more so.

On a side note, here's a tip: if you have kids and you're thinking of letting them pick the name for your pooch, make sure you get the last word!

Kids usually aren't best known for their visionary thinking. Fun, yes; foresight - not so much!

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Cool Dog Names - Be Careful When Choosing

  • When coming up with boy dog names, remember that finding the perfect one is made a lot easier when you match it with your dog's personality.
  • Take into account his size now and later, his breed and habits. Though breeds share collective traits, dogs are individuals. Just like people.
  • Make sure you get to know your dog a little bit before settling for a name.
  • If he's a puppy, think beyond cute puppy names!
  • And once you pick a name, stick by it and don't confuse your pooch.

Remember this: your pal loves you unconditionally and no matter which dog name you choose, he'll come running to you each time with a big toothy grin, eager to play and to be scratched behind the ear.

cute puppyHe'll Get Bigger!

A Short List of Cool Dog Names

As you may have noticed, we've deliberately resisted recommending specific names for your dog, or including long lists that can make the task get overly analytical and very time-consuming.

But, while we like the idea of picking a name more spontaneously, we do feel some owners might benefit from a bit of help in getting started. So here is a short list of what we consider more unique names for boy dogs, or ones you're not likely to hear that often at the park:

Chaucer Ruger Burton
Crosby Weston Ely
Forman Buckley Russell
Rigby Cain Freddy
Hartley Brodie Horace
Starkey Dubury Titus
Selby Rasa Cassidy
Tilney Owen Sidney
Corbett Ridley Dudley
Mortimer Blakey Millegan

When You Have Chosen His Name

Have it engraved on a nice dog ID tag for his safety.

engraved dog id tag

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