Chesney Our Boxer Dog

by Laura
(Orlando, FL)

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A little Princess's Best Friend

We have a Boxer dog named Chesney. We got him shortly after the birth of our first child and he has always thought that he is the "baby" of the family.

Everywhere that dogs can go, he goes. He and my
daughter are inseparable and always have to be together.

This, of course, means that he gets spoiled just like her. When she gets a present, he has to get one also.

When we go out to eat, he has to get a 'doggie' bag brought home. And he is not completely happy unless he gets to go for a car ride several times a week.

As for sleeping arrangements, Chesney has a bed right next to my daughter's and sleeps the entire night through until she gets up.

It is a pleasure to spoil a dog who protects and loves her so much.

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