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Catering to a Canine Stomach

by Rita
(New York, New York, USA)

I have an eighteen-year-old Springer Spaniel. She's been with me since she was a puppy, and I give her everything she wants (and then some!).

I spoil her most when it comes to her bottomless stomach; she's been eating delicious people food her entire life. I always hear about how bad it is for dogs, but she's one of the oldest dogs I've heard of and she's still in terrific shape!

When she was a puppy, I trained her to catch bits of pizza crust from the air, and though her eyesight isn't the greatest these days, she never misses a crumb. Some days, she even refuses to eat plain dog food or "cardboard" as I've come to call it when she glares at me while eating it.

Most of the time, I save her a portion of food from my dinner plate and mix it in for a delicious concoction.

The worst part - she absolutely must have the final bite if anyone is eating anything. Even guests in the house now know to save a piece of their meal to give her when everyone's done!

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