Boston Terrier

by Michelle Russell
(Seattle, WA, USA )

My favorite dog breed is the Boston Terrier. They are small dogs and excellent for families.

Boston Terriers absolutely love people and other dogs. They are born to please and will do anything to make you happy.

Boston Terriers are great for apartments or condos because they need very little exercise.

They love to travel in the car. They would rather be with their owners in the car than at home by themselves. They do love to play ball and will play fetch for hours.

They have short hair and minimal shedding, so very little grooming is required.

Boston Terriers rarely bark, unless they hear somebody at the door because they are protecting the house.

Bostons are really smart and love to learn. They are usually healthy dogs that live about 12-15 years. Although, their flattened faces and short noses can cause some health problems related to breathing.

Overall, Boston Terriers are really low maintenance dogs. They are loving, loyal, enthusiastic, and comical. They will always put a smile on your face. They love to lick your face, hands, feet, pretty much anywhere to profess their love to you!

Boston Terriers are quite the characters and have unique personalities all their own.

boston terrier s/p shakers

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