Border Terrier
A Plucky Dog From A Working Heritage!

Back in its working days, the Border Terrier went along with the pack hounds on foxhunts and when the prey was grounded, he was the one expected to enter the den and bolt the fox.

Border Terrier dogCourtesy: JacLou DL

By all accounts, he did his job very well!

This terrier is known foremost as a working dog that originated, as you may have guessed, in the border region between England and Scotland.

He was a great asset to the farmers in controlling the fox population that threatened their livestock, as well as ridding properties of unwanted vermin.

Documented accounts of this breed's existence date back to 1880, though without doubt they were present long before that.

This plucky terrier with a high degree of gameness, has many attributes well-suited for the job he performed.

He has a tight, wiry and weather resistant coat that tolerates the harsh weather of the border country; a flexible body and ideal size for entering and traversing dens; and a distinctive bark which can be heard underground.

In addition he has the remarkable stamina to run for long distances and keep up with the pack.

Nowadays, the Border is mainly a family companion and dog show participant.

Border Terrier dog breedCourtesy: Blaner

Living With A Border Terrier

This small terrier breed is friendly around strangers and quite sociable around other dogs. He does have strong terrier characteristics and can be a barker if bored.

Digging is also one of his specialties left over from his working days. Given an opportunity, he may put these skills to use if he spots something interesting on the other side of the fence.

Wise owners, acknowledging these natural instincts, will take the precaution of sinking some wire into the ground around their property lines.

With his family, the Border is a good-natured and affectionate fellow. While he is by no means a lap dog, he thrives on your constant companionship.

His intelligence makes him easy to train, though his independent nature will require someone with strong leadership and kindly persistence to take charge of his training.

The Border likes to be on the go and have something to challenge his intelligence. Nose work training is a good match for his abilities and will get his brain cells excited!

Physical Stats And Coat Care

Height: 11 inches
Weight: 13-15 lbs.
Color variations: Red, Wheaten, Grizzle/Tan, Blue/Tan

The Border Terrier, though small, is long-legged and has a wiry, less formal looking coat. His expression is very alert and his face has an appealing and whiskery cuteness. His head shape has been described as resembling an Otter.

The coat is hard, dense and closely fitting. It requires only a modest amount of grooming and could be described as hypoallergenic as it sheds very little.

However, to keep it in good condition and retain its natural look, stripping of the coat should be done about twice a year.  For show dogs, this is a must.

Border Terrier hurdlingBorder Agility

How Active Are Border Terriers?

This breed is quite active and inquisitive.

Plenty of exercise spaced out throughout the day is needed to use up his energy and keep him out of mischief.

Ideal Living Conditions

The Border Terrier can adapt to an apartment if he is given sufficient walks and play times.

Any property with grounds should be secured to prevent tunneling under perimeter fencing. Keep in mind that prey drive is pretty strong in terriers and these smart little terriers are great escape artists.

Border Terrier at cat doorTrying to Escape?

Suitable Companion For Children?

This breed is sociable and likes children. However, he plays hard and does best with older, considerate children who don't provoke pets.

The "good sense" recommendation is to have constant adult supervision when pets are interacting with children.

Senior or Less Active Households?

Good companions for senior owners who are still active and can provide the Border Terrier with daily exercise.

Some Borders are more reserved in the home than most terriers, but still need  to be supervised especially when outside as they will take advantage of any bid for freedom should the opportunity arise. 

On the plus side, they do not require extensive grooming unless they are show dogs.

Tell Us About Your Border Terrier

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Book Recommendation

Comprehensive guide to the breed with lots of useful information and very good pictures. Includes origins of the breed, breed standard, choosing a puppy, training, nutrition, health matters, and more.

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Image(cropped)- source:Flickr user blaner [CC BY]
Other images by J.Farber at Unsplash and
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