Black Labrador Retriever

by Cindy Reiff
(Bensalem PA)



The "baby" of our family is an eight-year-old Black Lab named Licorice.

She is a great family dog - everyone in the neighborhood is her best friend! She skids out on the hardwood floors to greet visitors and leans on them, basking in their attention.

But, just let a stranger come into our yard! She is a great watchdog, still barking at the mailman after all of these years. She even barked at a contractor in my next-door-neighbor's yard!

Labs are working dogs, and they need lots of exercise. They are also water dogs, so we bought Licorice a hard-plastic kiddie pool.

It is absolutely hilarious to watch her in that pool - she frolicks and splashes, lays down in it, and of course loves to have a ball to play with as part of the fun.

She is so tuned into 'water' fun that whenever she hears the outside hose running she thinks we are filling the "puppy pool" and cries joyfully like a baby!

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