by Jake R
(Tipp City, OH)

Duke being Duke

Duke being Duke

Well, my dog named Duke is a Basenji. This breed is supposed to be an Egyptian barkless dog, and for the most part it is.

Jake is seven years old (49 in dog years) and still loves a lot of attention. He has a few bad habits such as going through the garbage and snacking on stuff you wouldn't believe.

The most unique part about this breed is that they yodel. I live near train tracks, and every time a train goes by he manages to yodel to the sound of its horn.

Basenjis are strong outside dogs that are very protective of their property and owners.

He eats normal dog food like every other dog, and he is loving when he wants to be.

He seemed to learn the basic tricks easily, and can jump almost 4 feet into the air. Now THAT'S a dog!

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