Australian Shepherd Dog Breed

by Kim & Don Gargaro
(Kerrville, Texas)

Kim and Don write to tell us their reasons for loving the Australian Shepherd Dog Breed.

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two Aussie dogs outside

  • 1. Brains (They think and MAKE DECISIONS) but do it all for YOU!

  • 2. Love - Unbelievable

  • 3. Loyalty - 100%

  • 4. Accepting of company (my second favorite breed is German Shepherd. I grew up with them - not so good with visitors but have all of the above characteristics) but they (Aussies) do let you know if they are not cool with someone.

  • 5. Sense of humor and ability to smile

  • 6. Obedient

  • 7. Know how to play nice - great at dog parks!

  • 8. Looks. When they are healthy and clean, they are striking - whatever color.

  • 9. Generally healthy

  • 10. Without telling them, they know when to whoop it up and when to be "calm/submissive" like Cesar says.

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