An American Bulldog
Rescued from the Freeway

by Apriljt
(Lilburn, GA USA)

Charlie - My Baby!

Charlie - My Baby!

Our dog, Charlie, looks like a Pit Bull. When my husband called to tell me he found him on a freeway in Georgia, I was mortified at the thought.

Not that I don't adore dogs, but because we have a tiny Jack Russell at home, I thought for sure they'd fight.

Well, that night my husband brought the dog home and we discovered he is actually an American Bulldog.

He was big, he was floppy, he was goofy, and very muddy. His markings match those of our Jack - white with a brown patch over the left eye. I named the big boy Charlie.

As we are struggling to pay the gas bill, I proceeded to buy a 40 lb bag of kibble, a brand new collar, a heavy duty leash, a water bowl, a sparkling new name tag and an $80 kennel big enough for a horse.

He is completely enamoured of us. He loves us and he loves our Jack Buddy too. Every time they play outside, they both come in with big Georgia red clay paw prints on each other's silky white fur.

They drive me nuts with the wrestling. Charlie has his own gigantic plush doggy bed, and Buddy hogs the covers in our bed.

Both of my babies are spoiled rotten to the core but they give me so much love, attention, protection, and comfort that they deserve every single speck of generosity I lay on them.

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