Airedale - King Of Terriers

by Jane
(S.California, USA)

Airedales are my favorite dog breed because they are very agreeable and loving and make perfect family dogs. They are not wimpy, whiny or nuisance barkers and they are a very tough dog.

The Airedale likes long walks and loves to be involved in family life, yet he is secure enough to be left alone without making a fuss. My Airedale's biggest crime was jumping up onto my favorite chair for a nap while I was gone - I thought that was a real compliment!

Another thing I like about the Airedale is their size, not too big, not too small, but just right - for me that is. They are not aggressive, but big enough to discourage intruders and have an impressive 'warning' growl. They are not troublemakers with other dogs, but if provoked they will defend themselves admirably.

As for training, if you put in the time they are pretty smart and learn quickly. One other nice thing about the Airedale is that they stay very young-like throughout their life.

Sadly, my Airedale is gone now and he is still greatly missed. I would like to have another, so if any one knows of one that needs rescue, please post a comment to this story.

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Terriers are winners I agree
by: Bill

I have to agree with your dog pick - I've always felt that terriers have so much spark and the Airedale - being the biggest, has the most.

What's also nice about the 'dale, is that they keep their 'cool' better than the smaller terriers which tend to be more excitable.

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