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Acupuncture For Dogs
An Alternative Treatment For Dog Health Problems

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Acupuncture for dogs has evolved from an ancient therapy used to treat various health conditions. The treatment involves piercing the skin with fine needles at specific points of the body, known as meridians, in order to relieve pain, initiate a healing cascade, or to restore balance between the body's energy pathways. The origin of acupuncture is a subject for debate, but many would agree that its roots lie in China where it has been practised for centuries along with other oriental health therapies. Acupuncture has been helping animals for thousands of years. Historians have found evidence that Indians would treat elephants with acupuncture over 3000 years ago. Although acupuncture is an ancient art, it was not until the 20th century that it started to gain acceptance as an alternative veterinary treatment for dogs. Nowadays, it is one of many holistic dog care therapies and is often used in conjunction with conventional veterinary treatment.

Today is quite common and has been used to treat a variety of symptoms including those related to pet anxiety, arthritis and even epilepsy.

Acupuncture is also used in surgery to lessen bleeding and can help maintain a steady depth of anesthesia. Not all treatments will work in every dog and not every dog is a good candidate for acupuncture. The first step is to talk to your veterinarian about what treatments are right for your pet.

Dogs with anxiety issues can benefit greatly from acupuncture. An anxious dog can become destructive and aggressive so finding drug-free ways to calm your pet can be very important. Most holistic veterinarians offices are set up to create the most relaxing environment for your pet. They also usually schedule fewer clients coming in at one time, resulting in a less stressful waiting room.

The use of aromatherapy together with Pet Music: Creature Comforts. Music for Pet Stress and Separation Anxietypet music is often used to further induce calming feelings as your dog enters the office.

Owners are encouraged to remain with their dogs during the treatments, usually lasting about 10-15 minutes, in order to reduce any separation anxiety that may occur if the owner stays in the waiting area.

The calming effects of acupuncture can last from days to weeks and will usually improve with each treatment.

Acupuncture For Dogs With Arthritis

Treatment sessions for arthritic dogs usually take longer and may continue for up to 20 minutes. The effects from each treatment will usually last a few days and some dogs will be treated weekly.

Before beginning treatments for arthritis, talk to your veterinarian about any medications your dog is taking to help the pain. Not all dogs taking steroids are good candidates for canine acupuncture so it is important to keep your doctor informed. As dogs get older, arthritis can be debilitating and the use of acupuncture can help to keep your pet comfortable, improving the quality of life your dog has.

Acupuncture For Dogs With Epilepsy

Epilepsy in dogs is traditionally treated medically usually with Phenobarbital, but the use of medications may not always be enough. Canines with Epilepsy dogs also have the option of trying acupuncture.

Gold bead implants are a form of permanent acupuncture that can greatly decrease the frequency of seizures. It has been shown that some of the pets receiving gold bead implants will not only quit having seizures but will also be able to discontinue medications as well.

Those pets that continue medications will usually be on reduced doses. Of course, not every dog will benefit from gold bead implants, but many dogs will begin living seizure free lives as a result of this treatment.

Acupuncture For Dogs - Become Informed

Quite a few dog health problems are treatable with alternative holistic remedies such as acupuncture, but some will need a vet's mainstream approach, or a combination of both. The important thing is to learn about the available options so that you can select the best remedy for your pet!

When you are considering acupuncture for your dog, it is important to discuss problems you would like addressed and also the outcomes you expect. You should also let your vet know about any medications your dog is currently taking that may have a bearing on treatment options. This information will help your vet select a treatment that is best for your pet and can also help you to understand what you can and should expect after each treatment session.

Thousands of years of acupuncture history has been written about the benefits of this ancient art and thanks to holistic veterinarians, thousands more years will be written.

Selecting A Vet

We recommend every dog owner select both a mainstream vet as well as one that practices holistic pet medicine, before getting a dog.

Here are sources for finding a vet, as well as finding out if their services include acupuncture for dogs: the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA), and The American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association

Some vets are well-versed in both approaches which is reassuring when you need advice on important dog health problems.

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