The Wirehaired Fox Terrier
For Those Who Enjoy A Lively Dog!

The Wirehaired Fox Terrier, as the name implies, was bred to assist horsemen in the pursuit of fox, but he was also used for hunting badgers and boars.

This breed is believed to be descended from the black and tan working terrier, a now extinct dog breed that originated in Wales and the northern regions of England. Terrier dog breeds are among the most ancient breeds, having been spotted and written about at the time the Romans invaded England.

Until 1984, the Wire hair Fox Terrier was coupled with the Smooth Fox Terrier under one breed, with two varieties. The apparent difference between the two, is the coat, though some experts believe they also differ in their ancestry.

This is undeniably a very handsome dog with a great deal of personality and zeal about his demeanor. His popularity has been endorsed many times over by being chosen the top dog more than any other breed at the prestigious Westminster Dog Show.

Living With A Wirehaired Fox Terrier

wire haired fox terrier illustration

If you want a dog that is challenging, fun-loving and never boring - get a Wirehaired Fox Terrier.

If you want to get fit and spend less time on the couch, the WFT will definitely help you do that! Though, once you are both worn out, he will happily curl up beside you.

If your confidence is waning, don't let your WFT know it. He'll be happy to run the household and boss you around too.

Early socialization and obedience training is well advised to make sure he knows who's in charge. He won't always acknowledge it, but at least he'll know!

Wire Fox Terriers are extroverted, self-assured, happy, friendly, stout-hearted, perky, full of antics, playful, overly confident, risk takers, courageous, a bit sneaky and mischievous, and above all wonderful companions. They see themselves as top dog (well they did earn the title) - but this can sometimes get them in trouble with other canines.

They do well as a watch dog as they are very quick to pick up on unfamiliar sights and sounds and will sound the alarm.

Once you have a Wire, he will expect to be treated exactly like one of the family and get your undivided attention most of the time. He will follow you around and check out everything you are doing. If you're not doing anything, he'll try to change that.

Are you getting the picture? This is not a boring dog

Is This Breed Easy to Train?

You could and should work on the "come" command as often as possible with your Fox Terrier. It is probably the most valuable, though not always followed, command for you to instill in your dog.

Wires are very inquisitive and strong-minded. They are not willfully naughty, but sometimes other things are just too enticing and interesting for them to come when called!

While they are very intelligent, confident and playful, training this particular terrier requires a lot of patience and consistency.  Being aware of this can help an owner choose the techniques that will best get their attention.

Once having done this, they do enjoy learning and catch on quickly. But keep a sense of humor when your Wire is being less than cooperative.

Physical Stats And Coat Care

Height: Up to 15.5 inches
Weight: 16-18 lbs.
Color variations: Mainly white with black, tan, or black/tan markings

The Wirehaired Fox Terrier has a double coat that is coarse and appears twisted and broken. The undercoat is softer and finer.

Shedding is minimal and he is considered a hypoallergenic breed making him one to consider for those with sensitivities to pets. Show dogs require regular stripping of the coat, which a motivated owner can learn to do, or leave to the professionals.

A companion WFT does not need to be stripped, but doing so will retain his proper coat texture and keep it looking its best.

For daily maintenance, keep your slicker brush and comb at hand.

How Active is The Wire Fox?

If you want a happy but less boisterous Fox Terrier, the answer is plenty of exercise. When I say plenty, I mean plenty!

A substantial yard where they can romp or play fetch with you or the kids is an ideal way burn off some of their high energy.

This is in addition to rigorous regular walks - don't leave home without them. They love going out and seeing everything around them.

Keep in mind that they can't be trusted off-leash no matter how tempted you are to let them run free.

Ideal Living Conditions

This is one breed of dog that does best with an outside area for additional exercise. It will not only benefit the dog, but will give you a break when they are acting especially chipper indoors.

Be sure there are no escape routes in your yard, for these hunters still have a strong prey drive and the necessary digging skills to go after any interesting animal passing by!

 Suitable Companion For Children?

This breed does best with older children who are well behaved and have respect for pets.

They will happily enjoy hours of play - always with adult supervision of course. But they are not very tolerant of teasing or tail-pulling that small children may think is fun.

Senior or Less Active Households?

An active senior most certainly could enjoy a Wirehaired Fox Terrier - might even be rejuvenated by them! They are unquestionably entertaining and lots of fun.

While other more sedentary types may find them a bit too lively.

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