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Vizsla Dogs
Intelligent And Graceful!

Vizsla dogs have an ancient history as hunting dogs originating in central Europe or more specifically, Hungary. The expertise of this breed is in pointing and retrieving small game both on land and in water. The name Vizsla translates as "pointer".

vizla dog lying in the grass in rural setting

During World War I and II, this breed greatly decreased in number, almost to the point of extinction in Hungary. Fortunately, other fanciers in Germany, Austria, and Italy kept the breed going.

The Vizsla is a sleek and regal looking dog with a slim, yet robust body, a muscular head and long low set ears. He is of medium height with a striking short-haired coat. His expression shows alertness and intelligence.

Although this dog has a commanding presence which some people may view as less approachable, the truth is, he is a beautiful companion dog with a very loving and sensitive nature.

Personality and Traits

Vizsla dogs are known for their intelligence and trainability. They are calm, gentle and sensitive in nature. In fact, their sensitivity is so keen that they will pick up on your moods and match their demeanor to be careful how you act around them! If you're jolly most of the time, no worries!

This breed is very affectionate and needs to live inside and be part of the family. They also have very protective traits and make fine watchdogs.

Training your dog is best done by taking advantage of his smartness using a creative approach along with consistency and patience. Vizslas will become easily bored with rote learning so try to add a lot of variety to keep his routines interesting.

Activity Level

Vizsla dogs need lots of exercise on a regular basis to keep from becoming overly nervous and high strung. If they don't get it, plan to have really high walls around your property to contain them.

Although even then, some Vizslas have the capacity to jump an eight-foot wall without any problem, if so inclined. Sufficient exercise is the key to prevent this.

If you're a jogger or runner, this would be an ideal way to exercise your dog. Even though he has considerable stamina, be sure to break him in gradually to the pace and distance.

Vizslas also love to interact by playing games, so try to fit some fun time into their day.

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Another good way to take advantage of this dog's strength and intelligence, would be to enroll him in a class for field trials. This will allow him to excel while using his natural abilities.


Hungarian Vizla hunting dog

Height: 22 to 24 inches
Weight: 40-62 lbs.
Colors: Solid Russet Gold in different shades

Coat and Care

Vizsla dogs have close-lying short coats that are smooth, dense, and very striking in their color.

Wiping down the coast with a chamois along with a modest amount of brushing will keep the coat in good order.

The folded over ear anatomy of this breed makes them more prone to trap dirt as well as attract parasites. Weekly examination and gentle cleaning is recommended to prevent problems, but stick to only what you can see and avoid going deeply into the ear canal.

Space Needs

While this breed needs to stay close to his family and live inside, their athletic traits would be well suited to living in a rural setting with acreage where he has room to run and play.


Best with older children who are more mature and have respect for pets. As with any breed of dog, interactions with children should always be supervised by an adult.


The exercise requirements and temperament of Vizsla dogs would not be the best fit for families that enjoy a more sedentary lifestyle.

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