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Golden Retriever Dog
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golden retriever dog

The Golden Retriever dog breed is believed to be descended from Caucasus sheepdogs. After Lord Tweedmouth brought some of these sheepdogs from Russia to Scotland, they became known as Guisachan Retrievers.

Subsequently, Lord Tweedmouth developed the breed during the 19th century by crossing one of these retrievers with Tweed Water Spaniels. Hence the Goldens came into their own at this time as a distinct breed.

Originally, this very well-balanced and attractive dog was used in hunting to retrieve game, but ultimately they demonstrated great abilities in various public service endeavors.


Height: 21-14 inches
Weight: 60-75 pounds
Color variations: Gold, Cream

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Coat and Care:

The Golden Retriever dog has a double coat that needs regular brushing and bathing using high quality shampoo.

During shedding season, a bit more attention to the brushing and combing will help the dog stay more comfortable and keep your house from becoming too hairy! The coat does need some modest clipping attention to keep the feet and tail tidy.

Goldens are prone to ear infections, so the ears should be kept trimmed of hair and washed often to keep them in a healthy state. Clipping the nails as needed is also part of a good grooming routine.

Personality and Traits:

Golden Retriever dog There is no doubt that this has to be the calendar dog of the century! And for good reason - they are undeniably handsome, as well as irresistible in their exuberant, affectionate and good natured personality. They have a very high popularity as an ideal family pet.

However, this particular best friend needs to be socialized and well-trained as a youngster. While he has a very strong desire to please, he needs to learn what's expected early on or he can become unruly or hyperactive. That being said, it must be added that Goldens are very trainable and are highly valued as assistance dogs to the blind, deaf and wheelchair disabled; working with police in locating drugs, as well as assisting search and rescue teams.

But, this breed is a bit of an enigma when it comes to training. Even though he has more than enough intelligence to be trained, it isn't always what he wants to do. He'd much rather play games or enjoy some other diversion. So patience is the watchword, followed by consistent, firm, yet friendly, persuasion.

At no time be tempted to let your patience turn to harshness, for in the long run your efforts will be rewarded by having a most remarkable and devoted companion!

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Activity Level:

To meet the mental and physical needs of this dog breed, sufficient exercise is a must. To handle this requirement, owners should plan on taking them out for a minimum of two significant walks a day. Without this level of activity, GRs can become both bored and hyper which can lead to destructive behavior.

This can be avoided if owners make sure they have an outlet for their high energy. Interacting with them in vigorous types of games, or enrolling them in agility training classes are ideal ways to do this.

They are also noted to be good swimmers. Additionally, if someone in your family is into running, they have the stamina to keep up for a good distance providing they are conditioned for it gradually.

Space Needs:

Because of their above average need for physical activity, the breed does best in a home with a substantial outside area to play and run free.


Excellent breed for children - they are very patient and protective of them. As always, any interaction between dogs and children should be supervised. In this case, the dog is so tolerant, you'll want to make sure he is being treated fairly by the youngsters!


Having proven that they are very trainable as assistance dogs, the Golden Retriever dog is an ideal companion for the elderly providing adequate exercise is given.

Share Your Knowledge and Pictures

You probably know that a lot of people impulsively bring this "poster" dog home without really knowing much about the pros and cons of the breed.

We would love for you to share your dog's pictures and his story as well as your knowledge about the breed that will help this beautiful dog find its way into the right forever homes!

You can upload photos and tell your dog's story here. For inspiration, read some of the stories already submitted by other dog lovers.

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