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Miniature Italian Greyhound
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miniature italian greyhound miniature italian greyhound

The Miniature Italian Greyhound, also referred to as a miniature Greyhound or simply as an Italian Greyhound, is an intelligent dog and selective in his choice of friends, but bonds closely with those he loves.

It is easy to imagine this streamlined dog with its elegant and regal-looking appearance, gracing the palaces of ancient Egypt, where its remains have been discovered in various tombs and their likeness found in ancient texts.

This speedy toy dog breed is believed to date back two thousand years or more, though its ancestors are thought to originate in even far earlier BC times.

It continued to be a favored pet throughout the Greek and Roman times where it resided in the households of nobility.

In the 16th century it was a popular dog with royalty in England and Europe, often seen with their masters in famous paintings.

The IG is sleek and graceful looking in appearance. Its large eyes and upright ears give an expression of alertness.

Appearance, Coat and Care

Miniature Italian Greyhound - toy dog breed

Height: 13-15 inches
Weight Range: 6 to 10 pounds
Coat colors include: Fawn, cream, red, blue, or gray, and it may be either solid or with markings.

The Miniature Italian Greyhound requires minimal grooming and there is very little shedding. Use a cloth made of silk or velvet to keep the coat glossy and a damp towel occasionally to keep it clean.

However, they are sensitive to the cold and really need a coat when a slight chill is in the air. This is a clean dog with no doggie odor.

Personality and Traits:

This toy dog breed is more of a one person/one family dog with a loving nature and one who enjoys and expects much affection in return.

IG's like to be in charge and can be quite assertive when it comes to acting as the pack leader. Owners need to have a reliable training guide to know how to handle the dominance issue, as well as tips on potty training which can take longer with this breed.

The Miniature Italian Greyhound is fond of creature comforts and cosy couches. Very intelligent, inquisitive, discerning and quick to learn.

They are a high-energy and affectionate small dog. Both sweet and smart, they will easily wrap you around their paw if you let them! Despite its small size, it is quite a hardy toy dog.

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Activity Level:

IGs as they are fondly known, enjoy exercise and walks, but always on a leash - these dogs are speedy! In fact, they are very good sprinters for those of you that like to take a run with your dog. They are also pretty active around the house and, be forewarned, they love to climb and investigate!

Space Needs:

The Miniature Italian Greyhound is not a dog that likes to be left outside, definitely preferring inside shelter which is quite understandable considering that their coat does not provide very much protection from the elements. He is not a barker and very adaptable to urban or country living - either apartment or house.


This breed seems to do better in more quiet surroundings and with older children who are considerate and sensitive toward pets. As always, the best policy is to have an adult supervise any interaction between children and pets.


With their loving disposition and relatively easy care, the Miniature Italian Greyhound makes an ideal companion for the elderly, providing exercise needs can be met.

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