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The Toy Pomeranian
A Vivacious Small Dog!

Toy Pomeranian dog The Toy Pomeranian is a vivacious and somewhat foxy-looking little dog that is full of personality and is often seen as a participant in dog shows. Its facial features are well defined, very alert looking and the head is framed by a bushy collar.

Pomeranian Dogs originally came from herding and sled pulling ancestors - among them the German Spitzen, Keeshond, Samoyed, Norwegian Elkhound, and Chow Chow.

The influence of the Pom's ancestors can still be seen in the appearance of the breed today - except for its size. All the dogs selected for their development, were much larger, as were Pomeranians at that time. The breeding down in size began in Pomerania from a previous weight of around 27-28 pounds, to its present day petite size.

In the late 1800's Queen Victoria took such a great liking to the Pomeranians that she established a kennel for breeding them.

Some of the dogs from the Queen's kennels did very well in the famous Crufts Dog show, which made them a popular dog in Britain during this period.

It also influenced breeders to develop dogs of the much smaller size.

Personality and Traits

A cheerful little dog, affectionate, full of personality, and a wonderful companion that "can" be obedient. With a history of performing in the circus, it is easy to understand why Poms are considered to be very intelligent and enjoy the spotlight. They have been known to do a little dance that is very entertaining.

Take advantage of their intelligence early on to teach them the rules and establish that you are the boss, or they will surely try to train and dominate you!

Small dogs sometimes develop what is referred to as "small dog syndrome" if they are overly-indulged and not trained. What this means is that they come to believe they are the pack leader and have to run the household! So be forewarned! On the other hand, if the owner establishes himself as the leader, the dog feels no need to take charge because it feels safe in the leader's care.

Despite its small size, the Toy Pomeranian is a good watchdog, but can get carried away with barking which is rather high pitched. Early training to curb extreme barking is a very good idea! Cuddly and cute, they love being lap dogs.

Pomeranian Appearance and Care

pomerian owner guide boodPomeranians (Complete Pet Owner's Manual)

Height: 6-11 inches.
Ideal standard weight: 4-6 lbs.
Many colors: black, brown, chocolate, beaver, red, orange, cream, orange sable, wolf sable, blue, white or particolor.

The Toy Pomeranian is a double-coated dog. The outer coat is very full, straight and harsh in texture, while the undercoat is soft and fluffy as is the tail, which is carried jauntingly high.

They are constant shedders. To keep the skin and coat in good condition, frequent brushing is recommended.

Activity Level

The Pom does well with minimum exercise as they are generally very active and busy-bodies aound the house. That being said, all dogs need to get out for a daily walk for their mental and physical well-being.

Dog Toys And Gifts

Space Needs

Apartment living is adequate, but for the sake of being good neighbors, do teach the Toy Pomeranian to respond to "Quiet" as they can be barkers if untrained.


Poms are excellent house dogs, but don't seem to be at ease around very small children. Children who are close to teenage would be a better match.


They make good friends with the elderly and are both affectionate companions, brave watchdogs and don't require a lot of outdoor exercise.

These dogs even appeal to people who generally don't have little dogs for pets.

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