Spoiled Dog Supplies
These Are A Few Of Their Favorite Things!

When we shop for spoiled dog supplies, we have to start with the most important item to any dog, his FOOD. And, when it comes to choosing that food, we look for brands that contain human-grade ingredients that are full of naturally-occurring nutrients and enzymes. No by-products or anything artificial in sight!. Same goes for dog treats.

Fortunately, nowadays, there are more dog foods that meet this criteria. Blue Buffalo, Canidae and Sojos are three we really like.

Natural Dog Food

blue basics natural dog food
BLUE Basics Formula
sojos grain free raw dog food mix

Sojos Complete
Raw Made Easy

blue buffalo grain-freeB003P9XGDG
BLUE High Protein

Canidae multi-protein dog food for all pet ages
Canidae Multi
Protein Formula
For All Ages

...and let me not forget the "treats", so much fun to give and so helpful with training!

Natural Dog Treats

Blue Buffalo Health Bars Crunchy Dog Treats
Blue Health Bars
Crunchy Treats

natural duck dog treats
All Natural Duck
Dog Treats

Zuke's Mini Naturals beef-flavored dog treats
Zuke's Mini
Naturals Beef Treats

Sojos Natural multi-flavored dog treats
Sojos Natural
Blueberry Treats

natural salmon dog treats made in usa
Natural Salmon
Vegan Holistic Grain Free Natural Crunchy Dog Treats made in usa
Halo Holistic
Crunchy Treats
organic chicken strips dog treats made in USA
Real Organic
Chicken Treats
Fruitables Apple Bacon Dog Treats made in USA
Apple Bacon

Grain Free Natural Dog Treats

While there are a lot more high quality treats around today than in the past, not all of them are suitable for pets that are allergic to grains.

The fact that grains can cause allergic reactions in some pets is a fairly recent discovery. But the real question is: Is your pet allergic or sensitive to any ingredients in pet food, dog treats or the environment? Maybe you don't know.

Well now you can find out!

We recently discovered an at home non-invasive pet allergy test kit that's very affordable! A lot less traumatic for your pet than having allergy tests run at the vet, and much easier on your wallet.

In the meantime, if you already know that your dog is sensitive to some grains, here are some of the best grain free treats available for dogs today.

Wellness Marrow Roasts Natural Grain Free
Marrow Filled
Grain Free Salmon Dog Biscuits
Blue Wilderness
Salmon Biscuits
Grain Free Lamb Dog Biscuits by natural choice
Nutro Natural
Lamb Recipe
freeze dried grass fed beef, grain free treats by Stella & Chewey
Grass Fed Beef
Grain Free Trout and Venison Dog Stix by Blue Wilderness
Trout & Venison
grain free peanut butter buddy biscuits for dogs
Buddy Biscuits
Soft & Chewey
Grain Free Salmon, Halibut and Venison Denali Dog Stix by Blue Wilderness
Denali Stix
Salmon & Venison
Grain free dog treats, egg and cheese recipe
Shameless Pets
Egg & Cheese

More Essentials For Pampered Pooches

Now that your dog is well-nourished, we'll move on to more of his favorite things.

Here are some suggestions for spoiling your dog in the best ways:

  • Pet music
  • Talking toys
  • Treat-dispensing toys and other useful items for when he's home alone.
  • Grooming essentials to keep him looking and feeling fabulous.
  • Comfy beds to rest his playfully tired bones!
  • Drinking fountains
  • Raised Food Bowls
  • A variety of collars including herbal and safety
  • Pet steps and ramps to help him onto your bed and couch!
  • Id tags, training aides, pet carriers and much more.

So, grab your dog and have some fun going shopping...

music for Dog while you are gone
Music Dogs Love
While You're Gone
surfing with your dog - book
The Dog's Guide
To Surfing
music to calm your dog
Calming Music
For Dogs
talking duck toy for dogs
Talking Duck Dog Toy

talking ball toy for dogs
Babble Ball
wobble and giggle ball toy for dogs
Wobble & Giggle Ball
plush snake durable stuffing-free squeaker dog toy
Snake Squeaker Toy
musical birthday cake plush toy for pet
Musical Birthday Cake
Ruff Dawg K9 Flyer Dog Toy
K9 Flyer Dog Toy
set of four rope toys for dogs
Pet Rope Toys
Set of 4
Tug-A-Jug Meal treat Dog Toy
knot tug rope dog toy
3 Knot Tug Rope Toy

Ready to Serve Dog Food with Human Grade Ingredients
Pantry Fresh Dog Food Human Grade
Ready to Serve

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