Miniature Schnauzer Dogs
Elegant And Stylish!

Miniature Schnauzer dogs, members of the terrier dog breeds, are of German origin and believed to be the result of crossing the Standard Schnauzer with the Miniature Pinscher and Affenpinscher.

Miniature Schnauzer standing outside

There is evidence that this is an old breed of terrier as evidenced by their likeness appearing in paintings as far back as the 15th century.

In his early days, he earned a good reputation as a ratter. Today he is mainly a lovable family companion, or a contestant vying for ribbons in dog show conformation and/or obedience trials.

For a mini Schnauzer, his appearance is surprisingly robust and sturdy and is complimented with a keen and alert demeanor. His large expressive eyes, bushy eyebrows and long thick muzzle add much character to his elegant and stylish image.


Miniature Schnauzer dog illustration

Miniature Schnauzer dogs are an energetic, playful and affectionate breed. Their obedient nature and intelligence make them easy dogs to train, though they do need to have strong leadership.

They are spunky and cheerful little dogs with a bit of mischief about him.

Seeing himself as a bigger dog than he is, he has been known to tangle with larger dogs. It is the wise owner who seeks to correct this little guy's Napoleon complex through early socialization with other dogs.

The mini Schnauzer is sometimes labeled as a barker. The truth of the matter is, he is a very good watchdog and usually only vocal when someone approaches the home or to give a general warning. At the same time, he often steers clear of strangers until his owner shows acceptance of them.

This breed is happiest shadowing his master and likes to be included in everything. He is a very good traveler.

What An Owner Has To Say

Here are some comments sent in by Denise:

I'm a 22 year veteran in the wonderful world of Miniature Schnauzer dogs. They're such a truly remarkable breed and bring so much fun and joy to so many lives.

Thanks to their non-shedding coat, many people who suffer from allergies are able to tolerate this breed quite easily -- plus, if you're like me, even though I don't have allergy issues, I ADORE not having to clean up hair!

Who actually enjoys additional housework?!?

They may be small in size but have a "big dog" personality, are very intelligent yet can display a willful/stubborn streak...any schnauzer owner can attest that the Schnauzer will ALWAYS have the last word!

At the same time, they're loving, loyal and affectionate and can be happy and content in a variety of family situations and environments.

My passion is producing solid Blacks and Black and Silvers since they seem to be more unusual these days. Thanks for allowing me to discuss my favorite breed!

Miniature Schnauzer Dogs Stats and Grooming

Height: 12-14 inches
Weight: 13-15 lbs
Color variations: Salt-Pepper, Black and Silver, and solid Black

Miniature Schnauzer dogs have a double coat that is relatively odorless. The topcoat is harsh and wiry and the undercoat quite dense. Regular brushing is needed to keep it in good condition and prevent matting.

Hand stripping on a periodic basis is the ideal way to maintain the coat, but unless the dog is being shown, it is not necessary.

With minimal shedding, this is a good breed for allergy sufferers to consider.

Ideal Living Space

Space needs are not a concern with the Miniature Schnauzer dogs. They are mainly an indoor dog and can easily adapt to any size dwelling though a yard is convenience and always appreciated.

Because of their watchdog alertness, they may bark more than some dogs. As such, if they are home alone for longer periods of time, apartment living may not be the best option.

How Active Is The Miniature Schnauzer

While Miniature Schnauzer dogs spend much of their time inside, they are still quite an active breed that enjoys the outdoors.

Regular walks are appreciated and are necessary for health of mind and body, but need not be overly long.

Miniature Schnauzer Dogs With Children

This breed is more suited to families with older children who have been taught how to handle pets and be considerate of them.

Whatever the breed, adult supervision is always the best policy whenever pets and children are playing together.

A Good Companion For Seniors?

Because of their low exercise requirements and love of companionship, Miniature Schnauzer dogs make very suitable pets for the seniors or more sedentary families.

But daily walks are still a necessary part of their care.

Resource: American Miniature Schnauzer Rescue

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