Greyhound Dogs -
Hounds With An Ancient Heritage!

Greyhound dogs are sleek and graceful with the sharpest vision of all the sight hounds and a keen intelligence. Knowledgeable sources date the origins of the breed to about 8,000 years ago, through the discovery of cave paintings depicting their likeness.

two greyhounds sitting in the grass looking up

Some later evidence - about 4,000 years ago - revealed very similar dogs found in Egyptian tombs.

Ultimately, it is believed that the dogs made their way to England with the help of the Celts during the early 11th century. Arrival in America came around 1500.

The Greyhound was originally used in the sport of coursing hares and there are stories that Cleopatra kept greyhounds for such use.

Today, this breed, considered by many to be the fastest dog in the world, is involved in racing.

These beautiful dogs make wonderful pets and many are available through adoption organizations.

Characteristics of Greyhound Dogs

Greyhound dogs are gentle souls with a lot of dignity. If they are adopted after a life on the racetrack, they may appear more reserved as a result of being raised with a pack of dogs - usually in a kennel.

Likewise, if they have become accustomed to living in a pack "order", they will be looking for their leader, or "alpha dog". If you don't take on this role, they will by default!

Personalities among these hounds may vary - some more outgoing than others, but in general they are very loyal and loving and bond with their owners quite strongly.

They are known for their high intelligence and house training is not normally a problem, but because they are also sensitive in nature, a gentle approach works best.

Greyhound illustration

Physical Stats And Care

Height: 18-20 inches
Weight: 48-55 lbs.
Color variations: Double-coated in gray with black tips, although it can be just gray or black, with the latter being quite rare.

Owners who don't like the grooming part of dog care, will enjoy the easy maintenance of the Greyhound's short, dense coat which just needs some routine brushing and the occasional bath.

However, if you live in a chillier climate, the Greyhound may need a coat some of the time.

greyhound dog wearing fleece outdoor coat
Greyhound Cozy Fleece Coat

Activity Level

Obviously the Greyhound likes to run. In fact, regular daily exercise is a must.

If you happen to be a jogger, or enjoy distance running, you will have the ideal buddy after he is given some prelininary conditioning.

If, not try to find some secured open space where you can exercise this magnificent dog and let him off leash to run.

Ideal Living Space

Contrary to what one might think, Greyhound dogs are not fussy about space - apartment or house will do.

Back yard or access to outdoor area being the ideal.

The Greyhound With Children?

Greyhound dogs have a reputation for getting along very well with most pet-educated children.

As with any dog play involving children, supervision by an adult is always recommended.

Senior Or Less Active Families?

Very loyal dog and would be a good companion for seniors or more sedentary families as long as they can handle, or arrange for, the daily exercise that the Greyhound dog breed needs.

A Tribute To Jenni

Greyhound head shot

Jenni, my caring neighbor, passed away November 11, 2007, in the prime of her life. She was a strong supporter and member of the Greyhound Dogs Rescue. Her own rescued dog, Derick, that was so beloved by her, died shortly before Jenni's health challenges began.

What a joyous reunion Derick and Jenni must have had at the Rainbow Bridge before they happily crossed over together. God bless them both.

Footnote: Today many organizations are trying to help change the sad plight of Greyhounds involved in the racing industry. Others are doing their best to find homes for as many retired dogs as they can. You may wish to learn more about this at Greyhound Protection League.

Further Reading

greyhound dogs adoption guide book
Adopting the Racing Greyhound

Those who adopt an ex-racer have spared an intelligent, elegant dog from either immediate destruction or eventual destruction in a research laboratory.

But, if the adopter does not know how the dog was trained, fed and cared for during its track life, and how to modify or change these practices, then the result will be an unhappy owner.

This book covers everything you need to know to have a successful adoption and fun with your new dog. Also includes a list of all the Greyhound dog breed adoption centers nationwide.

Also available to read on your Kindle

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