Glen Of Imaal Terrier
An Irish Treasure!

The Glen of Imaal Terrier originated in Ireland's county Wicklow and was named after a glen in that region.

Glen of Imaal terrierGlen of Imaal Terrier

Not much detail is known about the development of the Glen terriers, but it believed they joined the ranks of the dog world in the 1700s. Today the gene pool is not very large which can make it more time consuming for those wishing to obtain one.

Glens were used on farms as ratters and to hunt foxes and badgers. On other occasions, they were pitted against other dogs in fights.

Another unique job assigned to the Glen that provided a useful service, was working a dog wheel to turn the meat on a kitchen spit. His short-legged profile made him just right for the job.

The Glen of Imaal is a very attractive and confident little dog. His somewhat shaggy look gives him a mischievous expression.

Living With The Glen of Imaal Terrier

Glen of Imaal Terrier is an intelligent dog with the expected courage of the terriers. However, unlike many small dogs, he is not a barker - at least not without very good reason, which makes him a good watchdog.

He is a very social dog and a good family protector. While being both agile and playful outside, he is more of a snoozer inside the home.

Glens are responsive to their owners and should be obedience trained because they have a bit of stubborn streak. They can also be aggressive toward other dogs, so socialization in this area is wise.

On the positive side, this confident dog is strong and very flexible and enjoys success in agility competition, as well as conformation and earth dog sports. The best approach to training a Glen is with kindness and consistency, mixed with playful interruptions.

Physical Stats and Coat Care

Height: 14 inches
Weight: 34-36 lbs.
Color variations: Wheaten, Blue or Brindle in all shades.

The coat is of medium length and harsh with a soft undercoat. It rarely gets matted if it is maintained with regular combing and brushing about twice a week.

Hand plucking with a stripping tool is recommended every six months. Selective trimming around the ears, paws, beard will maintain a more neat appearance. Also, regular removal of some hair growth in the ear canal is needed to prevent infections.

While shedding is minimal with this breed, this means that brushing is more important to remove dead hair to keep the coat healthy.

Health Profile of the Glen

Glens are generally considered to be quite a robust little dogs that, with good care, can live up to seventeen years, although the norm would be more around thirteen or fourteen.

The main health conditions that can affect the breed include:

  • Hip dysplasia
  • Inherited PRA (progressive retinal atrophy) which can lead to blindness.

Since PRA is acquired genetically, there is a test to assist breeders in determining if the conditions for this disease exists in dog they are considering for breeding.

A good thing to keep in mind when talking with a breeder about obtaining a Glen of Imaal Terrier.

Activity Level

The Glen of Imaal Terrier does not have a high exercise requirement.

He is quite adaptable to a moderate level of activity, though he is playful and does have good stamina.

Ideal Living Space

This breed can live quite happily in either a house or apartment providing he is taken out for walks and fresh air.

That being said, a yard for playtime and training is always ideal.

How Is the Glen With Children?

The Glen of Imaal has an excellent reputation with children being a gentle companion for and very willing to join in their games.

Even so, since children and dogs are unpredictable, activities between them are always best supervised by an adult.

A Companion for Seniors?

As a very loyal and devoted breed with easy care, he makes a good choice for senior or more sedentary families.

The only condition is that someone is able to provide some exercise and outside walks on a daily basis.

Book Recommendation

Glen of Imaal book

Glen of Imaal Terrier: Special Rare Breed Edition

A complete owner guide that includes information about the breed's ancestry, character and standard, proper selection, feeding, training, health care and behavior. Also advice about preparing for the puppy, house training and potential puppy problems. Many full color photos.

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