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Carlson 0930PW Extra-Wide Walk-Thru Gate with Pet Door Carlson Extra-Wide Walk-Thru Pet Gate with Pet Door

Dog gates are simple to install and adjustable to different size openings. They keep pets safe and contained where you want them to be without cutting them off visually.

The Walk-Thru version shown above has the following features including an extra door for smaller pets to pass through.
  • Chewproof all-steel sturdy construction - lead-free, non-toxic.
  • Adjustable for a range of openings from 29-44 inches.
  • Adults can conveniently pass through using one-touch safety lock.
  • Large pets stay safely confined.
  • Small pets can pass through small door within gate.
  • Suitable for one or more pets.
  • Ideal for doorways, hallways and staircases.
  • Perfect for keeping pets and your home safe.

Here are some more styles to consider:

Regalo Extra Wide Widespan Dog GateRegalo Extra Wide Widespan Gate
Extra Wide Dog Gate
Richell Wood One-Touch Pet Gate, Autumn Matte Finish Richell Wood One-Touch Pet Gate autumn haze matte finish
One-Touch Wood Gate
Regalo Easy Open Super Wide Walk Thru GateRegalo Easy Open Super Wide Walk Thru Gate
Easy Open Super Wide Walk Thru Style

Dog gates can be quite versatile If you want to:
  • Enclose one area of an open floor plan.
  • Make a barrier in hallways of varying width.
  • Section off just one area of a room.
  • Or, create a completely enclosed pen for your pet.

For example, when you go to bed at night you may want to use a foldable gate to enclose one area of your bedroom for your dog's bed. This is a good solution if you want to prevent him/her from roaming about during the night and one which your dog might prefer over using a crate.

Primetime Petz 360 Degree Z, Fold Configurable Gate primetime petz folding pet gate
360 Degree Foldable Gate
Richell Wood Freestanding Pet Gate, High-Large Richell wood freestanding pet gate
High-Large Freestanding Model

The gate shown below is a good choice for open floor plans. This versatile barrier gate converts from a free standing gate to a room divider or a pet pen.

Richell 3-in-1 Convertible Elite Pet Gate, 6-Panel Richell 6-panel convertible dog gate
6-panel Versatile Hardwood Barrier

Pet gates are extremely handy when breaking in a new dog or puppy. Training a new pet - especially in unfamiliar surroundings can be difficult if a pet is given the freedom to roam about. To be successful and also fair to the pet, it's imperative that owners not only know the whereabouts of their pet at all times, but that they can also see them.

Carlson Mini Tuffy Expandable Pet GateCarlson Mini Tuffy Metal Expandable Pet Gate
Mini Metal Expandable Gate
Safety 1st Nature Next Bamboo GateSafety 1st Nature Next Bamboo Gate
Decorative Bamboo Gate
Carlson Extra Tall Metal Expandable Pet GateCarlson Extra Tall Metal Expandable Pet Gate
Extra Tall Expandable Gate

Here are a few more dog gates that provide options for unique situations:

Richell 94134 One-Touch 150 Pet Gate with Autumn Matte Finish Richell one touch extra wide tension mount pet gate
One-Touch Tension Mount Pet Gate
Richell Premium Plus Freestanding Pet Gate with Door Premium Plus Freestanding Pet Gate with Door
Premium Freestanding Gate with Door
>North States Supergate Easy Close Metal GateSupergate easy close metal pet gate
Easy Close Metal Gate

Pets are also much more comfortable when they are able to see you, even if they can't be up close. Pet gates can be put in places where you want to restrict access, while at the same time allowing you to pick up signs that your dog may need to go outside.

Tips For Selecting Dog Gates

When getting ready to make a purchase:

  • Consider the size, height and strength of your dog.
  • Your primary use of the gate.
  • Type of material if your dog is a chewer.
  • The ease of opening and locking the dog gate if it will be used on a daily basis.
  • Is a nice looking appearance preferred, or can blend with your existing decor.
  • Ease of assembly.

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Safeway angle mount dog gate for stairsKidCo G22 White Safeway Angle Mount
White Stairway Gate

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Kidco Wood Safeway wood pet gate for stairways
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