Black And Tan Coonhounds
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Black and Tan Coonhounds belong to the family of scenthounds and were developed in the 11th century to trail and tree raccoon, opossum and sometimes bear.

Black And Tan Coonhound

The Coonhound is not generally a barker except when it has successfully treed its prey and then it becomes very vocal. Each dog has its own distinctive baying bark which can easily be identified, helping the hunter to pinpoint the dog's position.

Close relatives of the breed are the Talbot Hounds of England from which they are descended. In the United States development of Coonhounds is strongly associated with the Appalachian region of the country.

The American Kennel Club registered the Black and Tan in 1945 and it notably was the first within this group of hounds. A well-known fancier and owner of Coonhounds was Daniel Boone.

Other lines associated with the Coonhound are the American Foxhound, the Redbone, the Treeing Walker, the Bloodhound and the Kerry Beagle of Ireland.

This breed of hound, also known as the American Black and Tan Coonhound, has an alert expression and bears a strong facial resemblance to the Bloodhound with its long mouth and pendulous ears. His large athletic looking body is well-toned and in good proportion.

black and tan coonhound standing profile

Characteristics of the Black And Tan Coonhounds

Considered to be a gentle, calm and friendly dog that is also loyal and obedient.

However, this breed does have an assertive side, but usually only shows it while avidly at work. The very strong hunting instincts of the B&T make it prone to wandering off. For this reason, a very secure yard is recommended.

The Coonhound is intelligent and can be trained quite easily as long as the owner is capable of displaying confident, though not harsh, leadership.

black and tan coonhound breed book

Field lines, those dogs bred for hunting, are intense and very focused when it comes to working and are ideally suited for participation in field trials. Engaging them in this activity is also an excellent way to provide an outlet for their high energy.

Other notable traits of the breed: distinctive voice which is unique to each dog and differentiates them from others within the breed. Owners usually learn to recognize the voice of their particular dog when on field trips.

A certain amount of drooling, baying or howling is to be anticipated.

Physical Stats And Care

Height: 23-27 inches
Weight: 55-75 lbs.
Coat Color:Black with tan markings

Black and Tan Coonhounds have dense and glossy short coats which require grooming about three times a week.

A rubber brush does a good job for this type of coat while being gentle on the pet. Another tool that is good for everyday use and also doubles for bath time is the Zoom Groom. Keeps the coat velvety and provides a nice massage also.

Special attention should be given to the pendulous ears which are more vulnerable to infection and need to be kept very clean. We recommend this popular natural ear cleaning product: EcoEars.

Health Notes

Black and Tan Coonhounds are generally a pretty healthy breed that can live up to 12 years with good care and nutrition.

Some issues that may affect the breed include:

  • Hip dysplasia,
  • ear infections,
  • ear cancer and
  • eye problems such as Entropion.

What About the Coon's Activity Level?

Black and Tan Coonhounds are very active - needs to have considerable daily exercise and preferably an area to run.

Keep on a strong leash while out on walks to avoid him pursuing anything that he has scented and/or that arouses his hunting instincts.

Coonhounds bred for conformation have slightly less exercise requirements - though still considerable.

Ideal Living Space

An apartment would be way too confining for this breed, plus if left alone too long, he tends to "sing" in a sad way which close neighbors might not enjoy!

That being said, the active hound needs room to run outside so a house with secure large yard, or better yet a farm type environment would be the most ideal.

Children and the Coonhound?

Black and Tan Coonhounds are patient and affectionate, but will avoid children who are too rough.

Makes a good family dog for large families that are very active and with slightly older considerate children. Loves to be around lots of people.

Adult supervision is always advised when pets and children are interacting - no matter what the breed's reputation.

With Seniors or Less Active Families?

Although this breed is a calm and loyal, they do require a lot of exercise, which would not make it the best choice for a sedentary lifestyle.

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