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Spinone Italiano Dog
Popular Italian Retriever And Loving Companion!

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The Spinone Italiano dog, a member of the sporting dog breeds, is a versatile gun dog of ancient heritage that originated in France and Italy.

He has a natural born affinity for hunting, pointing and retrieving and is adaptable to work in a variety of terrains including water.

He does especially well in marshy or heavily wooded areas - his physical qualities and tough overcoat being a perfect match to handle harsh conditions.

He is a powerful and hard-working dog noted for having very good stamina.

The Spinone has a very friendly appearance and is a dog of medium size with body height and length approximately the same.

He has a dense coat, long ears that hang to cheek level, and an intelligent, yet soft, gaze.

Personality and Traits:

The Spinone Italiano dog is a very friendly and sociable dog. He loves to be closely involved with his family and would be a lap dog if he could pull it off!

This breed is known for its intelligence and trainability, though he sometimes may be indifferent in learning commands that seem pointless (to him)! He is a sensitive dog that does not like to be scolded, but responds well when owners use techniques that are creative and keep him motivated.

The Spinone is a charming and wonderful companion - faithful, loving and playful.

As the mood strikes him, he can be either reserved or very outgoing.

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Appearance, Coat and Care

Height: 22-27 inches
Weight: 71-82 lbs.
Color variations: All White, White with Orange or Chestnut

The weather resistant coat is thick, of hard texture and lies close to the body. The hair is stiffer and longer around the eyebrows, while the facial area and muzzle has much softer hair forming an extensive moustache and beard.

A thorough weekly brushing and occasional plucking of dead hair will take care of coat maintenance.

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Activity Level

With plenty of stamina, this breed will happily jog with you or take you on vigorous walks.

Regular exercise and some outdoor romping is a good rule of thumb.

Space Needs

The Spinone Italiano dog can manage with a small yard providing he is taken out for regular exercise.

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Children should be reminded not to take unfair advantage of the Spinone's remarkable patience and easy-going nature. That being said, this breed loves children and is a good choice of companion for them. But, as with any breed of dog, activities between them should always be supervised by an adult.


If there is someone available to handle the exercise needs of the Spinone Italiano dog, this breed is an excellent companion for the elderly.

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Further Reading

spinone italiano world of dogsbreed  book
Italian Spinone, World Of Dogsitalian spinone breed bood
Covers history and successes of the Spinone in the show ring and in the field. Good description of the breed so you can decide if it is right for you, and there are hints on how to make your choice.

Detailed chapter on breeding, and pedigrees of winning dogs. Discusses the various activities you and your dog can enjoy, and a special section on field trialing and gundog work with the Spinone. Lots of full color photos and line drawings.

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